14 May 2012

Dr Nick Lowe Anti-blemish range review

I don't really expect to get spots these days - I associate them with being a teenager.  I'm now much more focused on preventing wrinkliness, but I do still get the occasional spot and I have oily as well as dry patches on my face.

I've been trying out the Anti-blemish range from Dr Nick Lowe over the past couple of weeks, and my boyfriend has been pinching it more than he'll admit too, so we've given it a full road test!

Oil control day cream

My initial expectations told me the jar would contain a gel type moisturiser that would probably be good on oil but might dry out the rest of my skin.  So I was really surprised to find a fairly rich creamy moisturiser which I can use on my whole face.  It gives UV protection too.

I'm always wary of new moisturisers as they might not get on well with my other products like my primer and foundation, giving that curdling effect.  I didn't experience any trouble with this one though and was able to use my normal products on top as usual.  

The oil control day cream is £15.31 for 50ml

Purifying foaming cleanser

This is a foaming face wash which contains exfoliating particles too.  It left my face feeling deep cleaned (although I didn't use it to take off my eye make-up).  It's a pleasant face wash to use, but unfortunately nothing can tear me away from my cleanse and polish.  My boyfriend was happy because it meant he got to take over the trial of this one - he said using the cleanser made his skin feel smoother and less oily during the day.

The foaming cleanser is £10.16 for 150ml

Spot gel

I managed to produce a spot on my chin last week - I'd usually rather I hadn't but for the purpose of trying out these products it came in rather handy!  I applied the gel twice daily and the spot started to reduce - I didn't get the bright red and painful stage which was good, although the spot didn't disappear over night either.  It sort of shrunk and is now gradually fading away.  I've also been trying the gel on an acne scar from a spot I had a few weeks ago and stupidly squeezed (I know, too much information!) and that's now fading too.  I can't be 100% sure if that would have happened naturally or not, but I have been attacking it with the spot gel.  

My boyfriend has been stealing this from me and he has noticed a real difference on a few troublesome spots he gets from shaving.  

The spot gel is £9.18 for 15ml

The Anti-blemish range is designed to fight existing blemishes and prevent further breakouts.  Each product in the range should help improve and maintain a clear and healthy looking complexion.  In my opinion it's a totally unisex range.

I'd not heard of Dr Nick Lowe products before, so I'm glad I got to try them out.  Considering it's a professional range developed by a Dermatologist, I think the prices are very reasonable.  The anti-ageing range called "The secret is out" seems pretty good too and is something I'll be keen to try out in the future.

The full Dr Nick Lowe range is available from Boots here.  
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  1. Ooh these look really interesting, I've never heard of Dr Nick Lowe products before either, but I'd really like to try the foaming cleanser and the spot gel.

    Frances xx


    1. Let me know how you get on if you do xx

  2. This looks really nice!!
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  3. I had my eye on the blemish gel in TK Maxx - I think Soap and Glory's Dr. Spot is great though and that's only £8 :)


    1. I didn't know they were stocked in TK Maxx, I'll have to look out for that. Thanks hun x

  4. This range sounds good, I might give the spot gel a go as I still get the odd annoying spot despite feeling far too old to get them! x


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