22 May 2012

Paul & Joe 'A Mid Summers Night' collection - and a review of the lip glosses

I've become a firm fan of Paul & Joe in the past year - their quirky and whimsical collections get me every time, and the new Mid Summer Night collection is no exception.  As you've worked out, it's inspired by Shakespeare's tale of star-crossed lovers and forest fairies, and it has the gorgeous packaging I've come to expect from Paul & Joe.  The beautiful, delicate colours make for a glamorous but fun collection.

Although I love the beauty powder with the butterfly I know I'd never use it for fear of messing it up!  The blushes are my favourite part of the collection, closely followed by the nail polishes.
Lip glosses in 'love potion', 'fairie kisses' and 'dream a little dream' - £15 each

Blushes in 'nymph', 'nubile' and 'fawn' - £15 each

Shimmering pressed powder - £22 - Shimmering body lotion - £24

Nail polishes in 'Fairie queen', 'pixie'  and 'sprite' - £10.50

This collection is available exclusively at ASOS here

I was lucky enough to get to play with all three of the lip glosses from the collection.  I don't tend to buy lipglosses that often anymore - something about being a beauty blogger made me switch my love to lipsticks a while back - so it was a nice change to try some glosses again.

The first thing that surprised me about these when I took them out of the boxes was the colour of fairie kisses (center) - a green lipgloss?  Huh?  But as you can see it doesn't come out green!  On the lips it's a fairly harmless almost clear gloss, but it gives an interesting kind of iridescence.  I tried this over a pale pink lipstick and it gave a playful pop to the colour.  The other two shades - love potion (pink) and dream a little dream (coral) are your more usual lip gloss colours, and they're both beauts.  They both have tiny little shimmer particles in them and pack a really good punch of colour for a lip gloss.

The second thing that surprised me, is that these are flavoured and fragranced lip glosses!  Love potion (pink) is strawberry and vanilla, Fairie kisses (green / clear) is green apple and vanilla, and Dream a little dream (coral) is orange and vanilla.  Well I wasn't expecting that, what a fab touch!  Now I know you shouldn't eat lipgloss really, but in the name of blogging, I have licked and sniffed all three and can confirm they all match their flavour descriptions (okay maybe I couldn't detect the vanilla so much, but I'd certainly have guessed strawberry, orange and apple without having known).  Strawberry vanilla (Love potion) is my favourite flavour - it smells and tastes a little bit like the pink Calpol medicine I had when I was a kid, but in a good way!  I loved that Calpol stuff and used to sneak extra when my Mum wasn't looking!

So what do you think of the collection, and more importantly, do you like your lipgloss to smell fab and taste yummy?!
*PR samples 


  1. I got two of the nail varnishes from the collection and am going to review them soon - it's all so pretty! I love that the lipglosses are flavoured :) x

    1. I'm wel jel, the nail polishes are amazing! After writing this post I actually went to a Paul & Joe event a few days later and got to swatch the polishes - all three are spectacular, but Pixie was my fave - a bit like Gosh Holographic!

  2. I always eye up this brand on Asos and never know if to try, I love the coral lipgloss, it's the perfect shade.
    Such a coral addict this season.


    1. It's a beaut, and really well pigmented for a gloss too, I think you'd like! :)

  3. Paul and Joe have amazing makeup I... love everything! :)

    1. It's the packaging that gets me every time, so so pretty! x


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