2 May 2012

Travel hair dryers

As you know, I'm totally in love with my ghd air (review here), so pretty much sorted for all my blow-drying needs, other than when I travel.  I'm going to Vegas in September (yay!) and want to save as much space and weight in my suitcase as possible for the mahoosive haul I'm planning on doing while I'm there.  Plus, I tend to travel a bit for work a few times per year, and like to take as small a bag as possible due to having to lug it about with me, so I need a nice small and light-weight travel hair dryer for these jet-set occasions.

I was having a little nosey on the Argos website and came across this rather cute little munchkin hair dryer range, and they're quite a bargain too as they're on a half price offer and are just £9.99 each.

I know they're a bit childish, but I quite like the purple one and think it might make a fab little travel companion for me =)
*Featured article in association with Argos


  1. Childish? I'd describe them more as fun ... but that's probably because I want the zebra print one!xx


  2. Ah I think they're reall pretty haha, if I travelled a lot I'd definitely get one )

    Love, Elizabeth xx


  3. I've seen these hair dryers too... And wanted to buy it because I don't really need an amazing hair dryer but I had never heard of the brand, Ionika and couldn't find any reviews on it so I'm still on the search :(

  4. I'm looking for a compact hair dryer at the moment - this post was really helpful! I hadn't thought of looking at Argos before, I may have to purchase the pink one! x


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