18 May 2012

What I'm hoarding - n-spa fruit and indulgence bath products

So as you can see, I've got a little bit of an obsession going on with the n-spa fruit and indulgence ranges.  I've been buying these products for the last couple of years because I just love the fragrances and they look cool all lined up on my bathroom shelf :)

Everything n-spa sells is pretty reasonably priced with most things costing about £2.  The raspberry milkshake shower gel and body cream were the first things I ever bought from them and they got me hooked. I must have re-purchased that shower gel at least ten times!  

I always buy this range from Asda, but as I don't live near an Asda it's not that often that I can stock up, but when I can I go a little crazy!  The shower sorbets are the newest thing I've tried and I love them all - they just smell amazing and really wake me up in the shower (or in the bath - is it normal to use shower gel in the bath?).

I've not tried any of the bath syrups yet, but they all smell good enough to eat.  I shouldn't really have bought them as I usually go for a Lush bath bomb if I'm having a bath, so for now I'm just hoarding them like a lunatic.  

n-spa used to sell an orange shower gel (like the big strawberry milkshake one) but they stopped making it a long time ago - well I assume they did because I can no longer find it.  If you're listening n-spa people, please bring it back, it was amazeballs!  

I've only ever bought these products from Asda, but they do have a website which you can check out here - nspa.co.uk

What are you hoarding?


  1. my mum has some of these products and they smell amazing, such good prices too!

  2. We don't have this brand here unfortunately - I love anything yummy smelling!

  3. I only own the two gingerbread latte products but my god its so yummy! Want to try more fruity ones!

  4. I am actually obsessed with anything coconut, putting the body scrub on my wish list!

  5. Thats such a coincidence I looked at it today in Asda. I think I want to pick up something coconutty soon x

  6. Yummmmmmmmm! I'm a huge Philosophy fan so I'm sure I'll love these. I'm on a mission now ;) thanks for sharing! x

  7. i love the coconut body scrub.. perfect for when you're on holiday :)
    smells amazing!

  8. I absolutely love n-spa, I am yet to find a smell from them i don't like! I think my faves are coconut and vanilla creme brulee! :)
    Jess xo

  9. Oh god, I do exactly the same thing, buying things just because they look good, even though I don't really have a need for them! Especially delicious-sounding ones like these, I feel like eating them, haha! Quite a collection you've got going on there.
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Mel x


  10. Looks so amazing! Do you know if that stuff's cruelty-free?
    xoxo Lisa


  11. Ooh I got the vanilla scrub and shower gel for Christmas - you've made me want to try them now!! :-) xxx

  12. I do love this range but it's so hard for me to find it all, there isn't enough of the range near me.


  13. Oh my life, I could eat these! They look to good to wash an pamper with! :)


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