22 Jun 2012

Amazeballs new wedges from daisystreet.co.uk

Meet my beautiful new shoes!  These are the Petal wedges in nude suede - aren't they gorgeous?  Total wedding shoes in my opinion and they'll be getting an outing to an event of that very kind in August - I hope the sun shines!  I'm so in love with the pretty flower detail with the little gems and pearls in the middle and when I popped these on Instagram last week, you all loved them too.  Can you believe these are just £24.99?  They come in black too - have a peek here.

I'd been after some new wedges for a while, so after choosing the beauties above, I decided to pick a slightly more every day pair - although they're still rather fierce and make me super tall (well actually they make me average height considering I'm so small!).  These ones are called Janka and they just seem to go with so many outfits so I'll be able to wear them all the time.  Both pairs are very comfy considering the height of them - good old wedges!  The Janka style comes in four colours and they're also just £24.99 - check them out here.

I'm also meaning to do a couple of outfit of the days to show you what I will wear these shoes with, so hopefully the sun will shine soon and I can get that done.  The boyfriend behaved rather well under my orders for taking pictures of my shoes, so next we need to build him up to full outfit shots!

Daisy street also sell a big range of clothes and accessories, but it's their particularly fab shoes that do it for me, as you know shoes are my main obsession.  I've picked out all of my other favourites for you below.  You might recognise pair number 6 from some blog posts last summer - I already have those ones!

Daisy Street are currently having their summer sale too - let me know if you get anything!
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  1. The shoes that you got are gorgeous, Daisy Street have some lovely shoes, I've had my eye on a few for a while.. I especially love the Solange boots! Those Bolly wedges are amazingly bright too! :)

    Frances xx


  2. What nail polish are you wearing on your toes?


  3. Those nude wedges are so god dam purdy!! X

  4. So i've just taken a quick browse through the site and i'm absolutely in love with it! They have such awesome shoes and jewellery. The shoes look gorgeous on ya!

  5. these wedges look fab <3 I love wedges!!!!!


  6. These are beauts Gem! You're tempting me to part with money that I don't have ha!

    I also love number 6 x

  7. Both pairs of these wedges are GORGEOUS!! Now gonna have a look at the website! :)


  8. This is the second blog I've seen now that is mentioning gorgeous shoes bought on DaisyStreet, really need to catch up on the hype - I'm always the last to hear about things!



  9. I love Daisy Street! Love your choices, especially the first pair. I'd love to see what you wear with them x

    1. Thanks hun - OOTDs scare me a bit, but I'm defs going to do some with these shoes xx

  10. OMG THESE ARE SOOOO CUTE! I need to find something like these in the US ASAP!

  11. While I am awful in heels and wedges! They have some amazing brogues and creepers! xo

  12. Oh my god they are all gorgeous!

  13. I've got similar suede wedges and never wear them! I don't know why cause just like yours they are super cute. I'm looking forward to you outfit posts :) xxx


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