29 Jun 2012

Beauty blogging tips - coming soon!

Sooooo, as I'm a total doughnut and just accidentally published and then quickly deleted (although I can't delete it from google reader / blogger dashboards) the bones of one part of a new series of posts I'm working on, I thought I'd better explain what I'm up to. (and yes the little list in the image is a joke!)

I've decided I'd quite like to write up all that I know about the world of beauty blogging in the hope that it might help new bloggers or those thinking about starting a blog.  I know that I was extremely confused when I first started out, and my lack of knowledge actually put me off for a bit - it took me a long old time to really get into the swing of things and enjoy it enough to want to give up large chunks of my spare time to blog regularly.

Now I don't for one second think I'm an expert, nor do I rate myself as a top beauty blogger / guru.  I just see a lot of new / potential beauty bloggers asking a lot of the same questions and generally worrying about making mistakes / breaking the secret (non-existent!) codes of beauty blogging, so I thought I'd share what I've learned in my three years of blogging and I hope this series will help some people who are new to blogging or thinking about starting out.

The posts I plan to write are in no way 'the rules'!  I'm just going to be passing on my opinions, opinions I've heard from others, and information I've learned along the way and I'll be happy for anyone to have input through the comments.

These are my planned topics for each post in the series - please do let me know if you can think of something I've missed out - I'll be starting with the first post next week (unless my fat fingers accidentally publish it before then!).
  1. How do I start a beauty blog and what should I name it?  
  2. What's the best layout / font / style / theme for my beauty blog?
  3. What should I write about, how often should I blog and how do you stay organized?
  4. How do I get more blog followers / traffic and comments on my posts?
  5. How do you get PR companies and brands to send you samples for your beauty blog?
  6. What's the right etiquette / rules to follow when working with PRs and brands?
  7. How do I get invited to beauty events / what are events like?
  8. How can I make money from my beauty blog? 
Let me know what you think :)



  1. Looks good! Look forward to seeing them. x

  2. Love this idea! Looking forward to it xo

  3. Sounds like a fantastic idea! I still class myself as a Blogger newbie so would love some tips!



  4. great idea cant wait to read the posts x

  5. i think this a great idea :)

  6. They look like great topics - Looking forward to reading :D

  7. This sounds really good, I'd love to get some tips :)

    Kate x

  8. Sounds great! My blog is four months old nearly but I still feel very new and am still learning! Your posts would be so interesting, look forward to reading! x

  9. Sounds so good, can't wait to read it ;) I'm planning to do a post on the blogging tips which I had learn while blogging on my blog first birthday ;) x

  10. Sounds like a great idea, I look foward to reading them :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx


  11. Really looking forward to reading this Gem, thank you!
    My blog is only 2 months old and even though I'm getting the viewing figures in I'm not getting as much followers so would love some tips and advice.

    Cath x


  12. Sounds great Gem :D I wish I'd spent more time thinking of a good name for my blog. If I ever get my own domain then I'll definitely consider a name change xx

    1. PS: My list looks like yours. I can't wait to be rich and famous :p haha

  13. Sounds great, really looking forward to it.

    B xxx

  14. Sounds like a great idea. Really looking forward to reading some of those :) xx

  15. Can't wait Gem :) You inspired me when I had just started out! xx

  16. I'm looking forward to this too! I've been blogging for over 2 years and I know exactly what you mean about 'the rules' that exist but don't exist at the same time. It's so easy to get heavily influenced by what others are doing that you forget why you started to blog in the first place!


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