19 Jun 2012

Marks and Spencer Your Beauty review

Last week I popped down to Westfield Stratford City to see the new Your Beauty hall at Marks and Spencer.  As you might have heard, they've totally revamped their beauty section re-branding their own products and they're now selling other brands too.  I had a great time checking out lots of new brands I'd not heard of before, or ones I'd heard good things about but had never seen up close, and these were the ones that really caught my eye.

I heard about Filorga for the first time at the Your Beauty event.  It's a French anti-ageing range and apparently Kate Moss is a fan!  I was fascinated by the Mesotherapist roller and spray set shown above - it's like a little roller with spikes on that your roll over your face to prick the skin before you spray on the solution to revitalise the skin tissue.  It sounds pretty crazy but I'd probably give it a try, although this was one of the pricier ranges available - that product was £118!  Luckily the other ranges were much more within my budget.

Docteur Renaud 
The Doctor Renaud products particularly attracted me, probably because of the pretty packaging and fruity ingredients.  The ranges focus on the active ingredients in fruits, vegetables and flowers.  The rasberry, lime and coconut products particularly caught my attention as those are some of my favourite fruity fragrances.  Each fruity ingredient represents a different skin type or purpose, so it's a wide range that would probably have something for everyone.  I particularly want to try one of the at home facial kits.

Apivita is another brand that I hadn't heard of before the event, but I found out that it's actually the best selling skincare range in Greece.  Apivita is an all natural brand using 100% essential oils.  I was drawn to the colourful packaging and spent a while studying the huge range of face masks they have on offer.  They also had colourful lip balms stacked up like pick 'n' mix and as they were just £2 each it would have been rude not to get one - I got a berry coloured one with pomegranate, but could easily have bought a few as they all smelt lovely.

The French natural brand Nuxe is probably the one I was most familiar with before the event.  I'd tried a few Nuxe products before and blogged about them here.  I knew Nuxe products would be available at Your Beauty, so I'd planned to buy the lip balm everyone's raving about - the Reve de Miel ultra nourishing lip balm and picked it up at the event, also influencing Charli to buy it too, and I think Yu wished she'd bought it after hearing me and Charli going on about it!  I'll do a blog post on it soon - so far my lips are loving it.

Skyn is an Icelandic brand in clean and modern looking packaging.  All of their products sound so wonderfully refreshing, like the Glacial cleansing cloths, Pure cloud cleanser and Arctic face mist.  Their Nordic skin peel sounded like just the thing my skin could do with at the moment - it's a tub of 60 exfoliating pads for brightening and renewing the surface of the skin.  Yes please!

M&S are going to be launching their new beauty halls in all stores soon, and they will all have specially trained advisers on hand to offer expert advice on each of the brands too.   You can also pick up all of the products from the new ranges online here.

Have you tried any of these brands before?



  1. These products aren't generally what I'd associate with M&S, but will definitely be checking them out :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx


  2. I know, not at all, but I they're pretty exciting! :)


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