6 Jun 2012

May / June 2012 Primark haul

I popped into Primark for a few summery things seeing as the weather had briefly perked up, and this is what I got.

Simple jersey print dresses - £10 each 
These will be really easy to wear for work with a light blazer

Primark rip off disco pants / leggings - £6
Seeing as these were only £6 I thought I'd give them a go.  A word of warning - these come up really big!

Stripey beach maxi dresses - £7

Bow sandals - £6
I love these and already have them in navy.  They're my favourite shoe Primark's made this season.

Cheapy flip flops for by the beach or pool - £1.50

Cookie monster watermelon pyjamas - these are sold as seperates and I think they came to £12 together

Light wash denim shirt - £10
I have a short sleeve denim shirt which I wear over dresses a lot in the summer, so I thought I'd get this long sleeved version for when it's a bit cooler

Grey jersey casual blazer - £13

Pale pink jersey casual blazer - £13

Peach and cream ruffle shirt - £10

Lace and pearl collar sheer top - £10

I can't believe I forgot to check out the jewellery and accessories - I'll have to go back!  

Have you picked up any of these bits and pieces, or any other fab Pri bargains I need to know about?




  1. Great haul! Love the dresses, the denim shirt and the grey blazer! I never normally find this much in Primark, I think a trip to one is in order!x

    1. Thanks - they have loads of nice stuff in there at the mo x

  2. Ohh I need to get to Primark! Great buys xx

  3. Love the flower print skater dress at the top and also love the maxi dress with the stripes... I went in the other day and picked up a midi skirt in a rainbow aztec print and also 3 tops to go over like a bandeau top which were £4 each! xxx

  4. Great buys, you got some really great stuff! :)

    Rose x

  5. I love the white and blue floral dress, these dresses are my fave, so comfy! I've got 2 so far in leopard print and in the scarf/chain print xo

  6. I have the long striped dress! Also got it in a mauve colour. Love the jersey dresses you got :) xx
    Jessica - crueltyfreecottage.blogspot.com

  7. I love Primark hauls! I always can rely on you for a good Primark haul post! :) Did you notice if they had an onesies in the nightwear section? Weird time of year but I really need a new one for eveing sofa times! x

  8. Great buys Gem, I love those £10 dresses and the sandals - such bargains! I cannot wait until payday! x

  9. Love everything you got, those pjs are so cute! :) Going into Primark tomorrow myself so may pick up some of them dresses for work too :)

  10. Those maxi dresses are lovely! I am so in agreement- those sandals are lush!

    Love, Elizabeth xx


  11. Ooh they have some nice things in at the moment! May have to take a little trip to my nearest primark! x

  12. Get post. You picked some lovely things. I also got the dresses from primark. They look fab on :)xx

    Please check out my post


  13. I love the bottom top! :-) xxx

  14. i have the pink blazer too! looks so nice on :D x


  15. those pjs are actually amazing! xxx


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