26 Jun 2012

What's in my basket: Matalan

I'd not bought anything from Matalan for a while, but when looking for a maxi skirt the other week I had a peek on there and ended up with a few things sneaking their way into my basket.

Seahorse print top with detachable sequin peter pan collar - £18

Horse / pony print top with a peter pan collar in coral - £12
 Horse / pony print top with a peter pan collar in lilac- £12
Pleated maxi skirt - £12 
I loved the colour of this in the picture but in real life it was bright orange!

 Hi-low / dipped hem black maxi skirt - £14
Mint green pleated dipped hem skirt - £14

I love re-discovering somewhere I've not shopped for a while and finding some little gems.  What do you think of the bits I picked up?



  1. I love matalan. I tried on the pony print top in store and it looks so nice on!

    Ria x

  2. I find Matalan to be a bit hit and miss. Sometimes I see nice things in adverts but can never find them in the store :( I must have really dodgy Matalan stores!



    1. I think they use a lot of items which actually aren't available in some of their wall board signage in store - very annoying! I actually heard a lady asking about a cushion on a wall poster in there the other day and the sales assistant said "no we don't sell it, it's just for promotional purposes" - promoting what? A cushion they don't sell?! Maybe she got it wrong, I don't know - it sounded a bit odd!

  3. I haven't shopped in Matalan for ages! They can have some really nice pieces, and I've got a couple of pairs of shoes from there too. Like the look of the black maxi skirt!x

  4. Great picks, I love a bit of Matalan. People my age are always really surprised when they ask where I got something and I tell them I bought it there! xo

  5. Great picks, I'm loving the stuff in Matalan at the moment, I wish money was no object... xx

  6. Feels like I haven't been to Matalan in years! Will definitely have to go soon though, seems like they have some great pieces, especially those pony print shirts, very pretty. Thanks for reminding me how great Matalan can be and how reasonably priced too :)

  7. I've never really shopped at Matalan - looks like that was a mistake. I'm loving peter pan tops being in. xo

  8. I've just bought the mint pleated dipped hem skirt and I also picked it up in pink and I love them they are perfect for summer, if it ever gets here.


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