19 Jul 2012

Bargain alert: Nails Inc 7 piece special effects collection for £24.96 - today only!

You know I love my Nails Inc, so it won't surprise you that I was up at midnight last night eagerly waiting to see what the new value set would be on QVC.  Well it was worth missing the beauty sleep to see this set of 7 lovely polishes including some special effects and exclusive shades all for £24.96 and £3.95 p&p - check it out here.

These are the stand out polishes from the collection for me - I've been lusting over the sprinkles polishes for ages and the nail jewellery polishes are already firm favourites in my collection.

As much as I'm impressed with this collection and think it's a really good price, I already have some of these colours, so it wouldn't be worth me buying the set.  A real shame because I love the look of the Warwick Street shade which is a pale lilac with coloured sprinkles and it's exclusive to QVC in this set - booo!

But what I am going to buy allows me to follow-up on a long standing wish list love of mine - sprinkles polishes!  The sprinkles collection has 4 polish shades and this set has three of them.  I was umming and ahhing about getting these for the full price of £11 each but couldn't pick just one to buy so I'm glad I waited as I've now snagged this set of three for £19.68 and £3.95 p&p.  I'm a happy bunny :)

Are you going crazy for that special 7 piece set?  The special price is only available until midnight tonight or until it sells out, so if you want it, get clicking and I'll be well jel that you have Warwick Street and I don't!


  1. Some gorgeous colours, I need to try them out! Do you know how the mirror metallic one comes out, is it properly mirrored? x

    Carousel Secrets

    1. I've not seen it in real life, but it did look very chrome on the tv - not mirrored though I don't think x

  2. Feel the same way I've got a few included in the TSV already and only really wanted Warwich Street. The 3 sprinkles for under £20 is a good deal! Love Nails Inc.

    1. I'm sure I'll find Warwick street for some ridiculous price on eBay soon!


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