18 Jul 2012

Boots No7 Deco Darling collection by Lisa Eldridge

A couple of weeks ago I went along to the Boots Christmas press day.  As well as getting to see all of the gift ranges which will be coming out for Christmas, I also got to play with the new No7 collection from Lisa Eldridge.

I knew a little of what to expect as all morning I was seeing tweets and instagrams of the same palette coming up in my feeds - clearly the Deco Darling eye palette is going to be very popular!  It didn't disappoint in real life when I got to swatch it - I really like all four of the colours and will definitely want to pick this up when it launches in stores.  The Deco Darling eye palette will be £10.

The 1920's inspired collection also includes a pretty loose powder highlighter which can be swept all over or used as a traditional highlighter on cheek and brow bones.  It's a very soft and subtle pale gold and swatched incredibly smoothly.  This will be £12.

I was drawn instantly to one of the two nail polishes of the collection.  This pretty pink glitter is called Daisy Darling and it's made up of large chunks as well as tiny speckles.  I've put it over a lilac polish but come Autumn I'll be wearing this over a deep purple or navy and can imagine it will look amazing.  The polishes will be £5.50 each.

The Deco Darling collection will also include a liquid eye liner and two lipsticks as well as a second nail polish, which unfortunately I didn't get to swatch as I got chatting to the lovely some ladies about nail polish and blogging and what not :)

Deco Darling is a limited edition collection which will be available at Boots from 31 October.  
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  1. Love the look of this range, especially the eyeshadow palette :)

    Karys x

  2. with the no7 £5 vouchers, will that make the polish 50p? x

  3. Ahhhh I love that polish, I shall be buying this! IF the vouchers work with it too then that's just amazing. The palette shades look great but the packaging looks a little cheap?


  4. This collection actually looks quite nice, but No7 products are always hit and miss with me. So I rely heavily on the £5 vouchers if I am thinking of buying something from them haha x

  5. These look lovely but the eyeshadow is very glittery!


  6. Love the polish, so pretty. The collection does look more suited to winter though in my opinion.



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