3 Jul 2012

The Jenny Craig diet - Part 2: My first day on the plan

Yesterday I started the Jenny Craig diet - you can see my first post about the diet here.  I won't do a post on what I eat every single day, but I thought I'd update you on how I've got on with day 1.

First of all, here's the additional food I bought to supplement the diet food which was delivered.  As you can see, it's mostly fruit and vegetables, which you have to add to pretty much every meal, plus milk which you add to your breakfasts.  I'll also be using a few other items I already had in my fridge like lettuce and mushrooms.  This cost me about £30 and should be plenty to last me for the whole of week 1 on the plan with some things left over towards week 2.  (I should probably point out that the thing you can see which says  'smoothies' is a pack of low fat yogurts, not smoothies.)

Breakfast - muesli with raisins and hazelnuts - milk and banana added by me.  The milk allowance for this was really generous, so plenty for a couple of cups of tea.

Morning snack - low fat strawberry yogurt added by me (not pictured)

Lunch - Winter vegetable soup - bread and cheese added by me.  There should also have been some salad here, but I forgot to pack it for work.

Afternoon snack - Jenny Craig snack bar

Dinner - mushroom stroganoff - broccoli and parmesan added by me

Evening snack - orange added by me

So as you can see, I had plenty to eat on day 1.  I found that I needed to set aside time to check the plan and prepare the food I needed to take with me to work - I made a mistake by forgetting the cup of salad to go with my lunch, but still felt full without it.  

I really liked the breakfast - it was just like a regular muesli I would buy.  Lunch was nice too, it just tasted like a normal vegetable soup.  I wouldn't normally eat a slice of bread with soup, but I thought I'd follow the suggestion on the plan.  There were a variety of other things I could have chosen to swap it for such as ryvita, a wholemeal roll, breadsticks - there's a sizable list and it's simple to see what's allowed and what's not.

The mushroom stroganoff for dinner was really nice - the only thing I found a bit odd was not having some sort of potatoes on my plate as I always would with that sort of dinner, but I guess this is teaching me a healthier way of eating where you don't pile on the mash!

I'm going to pay more attention to my plan sheet for day 2 to make sure I eat all of the correct things and don't forget anything.  Although I forgot my salad on day 1, I took a banana with me by mistake (I'd already had my banana at breakfast) so at a point in the day I was looking at the banana and thinking 'when am I supposed to eat that?'.  Luckily I took the plan sheet with me so I was able to check it and realised what I'd done.  Eating at the intervals prescribed on the plan was unusual for me, but easy to do and I think it kept me from feeling hungry.  It was also interesting for me to be so disciplined as to only eat was I was told and when I was told - not like my usual snacking behavior at all!  

I'll update again in a few days when I've settled into the plan a bit more.  

If you've got any questions about the plan, let me know in the comments and I'll do my best to answer them and can cover them in my next post about the diet too.

*I'm currently trialing the program for free, courtesy of Jenny Craig, but will be giving my true opinions of the diet in my posts.  



  1. I am definately going to be following your updates! I have heard alot about this plan and the meals look so yummy!

    1. I'm about to write my next installment, it's all going well still at the mo!

  2. I'm intrigued to see how you do on this.. I too have tried every diet under the sun but my lack of willpower always beats it. I think its all about preparation and planning with me.. if I had it written down in front of me, or in ready made packets like this I'd find it so much more simple. I too am going on holiday in September so looking to shed at least a stone by then!
    Good luck, I'll be keeping watch on your progress :-)

    1. Thank you :) Now if only they sold willpower in a bottle eh?!

  3. Its great to see all the food that you ate in one day, it looks like more than I thought it would be, I agree about the evening meal though, I'd be craving more with that! x

    1. I should just make more veggies with it, but I'm getting lazier as the actual meals only need a quick ping in the microwave! xx

  4. I'm seriously shocked at how much you get to eat, I thought it would be more restrictive! Best of luck lovely (not that you need it) and I will be eagerly reading up on your progress :) x

    1. Thank you Adrienne - I'll let you know xxx


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