9 Jul 2012

The Jenny Craig diet - Part 3: At the end of week 1

I've now finished week 1 on Jenny Craig and I've lost 2.5lbs.  I'm rather happy with that, especially as I had to take one day off the plan to eat afternoon tea with my mum which of course include cakes and scones!

Since I've been doing the diet the main question people have been asking me is whether or not the food is nice, so I've taken pictures of most of my meals so that I can talk you though what I liked and what I didn't.


Unless you hate cereal (anyone?) there's nothing not to like about the breakfasts.  The ones I have tried have either been cereal, museli or porridge and they've all be lovely and just like any regular breakfast cereal expect it's all nicely measured out and individually bagged for you and you get to add whichever fruits you like.

The cereals are all flavoured too, so nothing boring.  I've had museli with fruit and nuts, apple and cinnamon porridge and wholewheat flakes with chocolate or yogurt coated bits.  Most days the allowance with the breakfast has been a cup (think American cup measurements - plus Jenny Craig provide a measuring cup for you) which is more than enough so I have half left for cups of tea.


I was surprised by the variety of different lunches I've had, so again I couldn't get bored with this like I do with most diets when I decide to eat the same old salad for lunch each day.  I've had two different types of soup, pasta in sauce (really easy to make like a pot noodle and so tasty), and tuna pasta salad.  The pasta pots are my favourite (although I ate my first mashed potato pot today in week 2 and that may be my new favourite) and I even didn't mind the tuna pasta salad even though I don't like tuna.  The one lunch I didn't like was what I had yesterday (no photo of this one) - it was a mixed bean soup with chorizo.  I'm not a fan of beans and pulses anyway, and although I do like chorizo I just didn't like the taste or the texture of the soup.  I know that I can let my consultant know I don't like the beans or tuna and he'll tailor my next set of meals to make sure these are excluded.

You are always supposed to include a cup of salad with your lunch and sometimes the plan tells you to add other extras too like cheese or a piece of bread.  I understand that this is to help the plan add up to the 1,200 calories per day as some meals may be lower in calories than others.


The best thing about the dinners has to be the speed at which you can get them on the table.  I know for definite that this is helping me to stay on the plan.  Other diets I've done before where you have to make all your meals from scratch are fine until I get in late or am feeling tired and lacking energy - it's when I just want something quick and without fuss that I'm going to reach for the wrong things.  Most of these dinners take less than 5 minutes to prepare as they only need a quick zap in the microwave and most days I've chosen microwavable veg to go with them.

The dinners here clockwise from the top are three bean chilli and green beans, chicken provencal with duram wheat, chicken tikka masala with green beans, mushroom stroganoff with broccoli and parmesan and beef casserole with asparagus.  

I read another review were someone said the meals were restaurant quality.  I think that's a bit of a silly thing to say (no offence meant to that person, sorry!) - they are nice, but they're microwavable meals, so they're not going to be the same as a restaurant of perhaps homemade.  They are however, better than a lot of supermarket ready meals I've eaten and many of the branded diet ready meals you can buy.  I've not disliked any of my dinners, and it's also introduced me to a new food - duram wheat!


One of the more unique points about the Jenny Craig diet is that you eat 6 meals per day, so it really teaches you about portion control and eating little and often.  So in addition to the above meals, I've been having three snacks per day and regular intervals too.  These are usually yogurt in the morning, a Jenny Craig cereal bar or crisps in the afternoon and fruit in the evening.  The Jenny Craig snacks are really nice - the cereal bars are light and crispy, but I really love the digestive biscuit bar - it had quite thick chocolate on it!  And the potato snacks, well they're just like nice crisps so I really look forward to my afternoon snacks :)

You can choose what fruit you want to have and the plan tells you how to choose the right kind of low fat yogurt.

I hope this helps any of you thinking about trying this type of diet.  If you have any questions about it, leave me a comment or tweet me and I'll do my best to help.  If you want to find out more about joining and the costs, have a look here - they often have lots of offers for new members and they have a referral program so you can get money off for recommending your friends.  

I'm continuing with the diet again this week, so I'll be sure to let you know how I get on.



  1. Well done on your weight loss, I'm quite intrigued by the Jenny Craig diet after seeing the Mel B adverts on TV all the time! The food looks a lot nicer than I imagined it to do. x

    1. Thanks hun - yeah I wouldn't mind having Mel B's body!

  2. I'm thinking about joining Jenny Craig myself, so this post is brilliant. I love that you have included pics too. Thanks and good luck!

  3. Good to see you're doing so well Gem! The food actually looks quite nice! x

    1. Thanks Leanne - I know, I'm surprised at how nice it's been xx


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