30 Jun 2012

Little updates - the anniversary edition

A slightly different little updates this week - not an instagram pic in sight!  The boyf and I have been celebrating our anniversary of the day we started going out - 10 years ago!  We're going to Las Vegas in September, which is the main thing we're doing to mark the occasion in style, but here's what we got up to on the actual day.

He got me a kitty balloon! Yay!  And yes, we have a weird obsession with the Zingy character from the EDF ads!  
Dan did so well with my presents - he wrapped them in the most beautiful paper from my favourite shop - Paperchase - then he set them alight with sparklers!  The big box was filled to the brim with snow like little balls and I had to dig in to find my presents which included perfume from L'Occitane, Lush bath bombs and The Gruffalo on dvd :)

The pics of some of the London sights were taken on a little river cruise we did along the Thames in the beautiful sunshine and the second set are taken from the London Eye, which neither of us had done before despite living so close.  I really recommend the river boat cruises - they're really reasonably priced, I learned loads of new facts about the history of London, and I love being on boats anyway.

I just wanted to share what we've been up to - I'll be back with my usual style little updates next week.


  1. I love those cards with the little EDF thing on. So cute! Happy anniversary!

  2. I also have a little obsession with the EDF squidgy thing. Those cards are so cute!

  3. Awww fab post, looks like gorgeous day all round!!! OMG you are going to LOVE Las Vegas!!!! I went in March :)))) Cant wait to hear all about it!!xxx

  4. Well done to your boyf for being so thoughtful. Loving the EDF cards too xx

  5. That's so cute! He did so well with your presents.

    So glad you had a fab time :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx


  6. Aw looks like you had a lovely day and some fab presents too. x

  7. Congratulations that's so cute! I adore paperchase! Defiantly seems like you had a fab day!

    Michelle's Treasure Chest

  8. Belated happy anniversary! Looks like you had a fab day!
    Spencer and I did the Thames boat cruise a few years back for his birthday and it was great, I really want to do the one that goes on water and the road now, but I'd imagine that is quite pricey. I also NEED to do the London Eye xx


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