17 Jul 2012

My ice cream maker is on buyapowa!

I got the chance to choose a summer co-buy for buyapowa and it's now available!  Being an ice cream lover but also a serial dieter, I opted for an ice cream maker so that I could have a go at making some low-fat ice cream (and probably some full fat ones too).

If, like me, you've always fancied yourself as Mr Whippy and wanted your own an ice cream maker, this could be a good time to buy as the RRP for this is £34.99 but the price could go down as low as £19.  As well as ice cream you can also make sorbets and frozen yogurts in this frosty hero, quicker than you can say Gino Ginelli (if you're a child of the nineties you'll remember them - if not click here) or about 25 - 40 minutes.

Check out my super cool (geddit) co-buy here.

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