31 Jul 2012

Pretty new storage boxes from TK Maxx

I just wanted to share with you some fab storage boxes I got from TK Maxx.  I was drawn in by the really pretty floral prints, but I did actually need some new storage for my extra beauty products and these work great for organizing products I need to try out or photograph for blogging!

I thought these were fairly reasonably priced.  The large trunk was £12.99 and the large flat box was £9.99.  The mini trunk shaped box is something I'm going to use for keeping small odds and ends like hair bands and clips and that was £7.99 I think.  

I also bought something from the storage aisle for my friend as a birthday present - this is a jewellery box, but you could put lots of different things inside.  It was £15.99.

 I thought this was really pretty and decided to make a feature of it for the present, so I made sure all of the other presents were small enough to fit inside the draws and presented it like this.  What do you think?

I'm so impressed with these, I'm tempted to go back for more as they had so many other goregeous patterns, but I'm supposed to be organizing and creating space, not taking up more room with lots of boxes, even if they are pretty :) 


  1. Oh my god these are gorgeous! TK Maxx really does have some lovely things if you look in the right places.

  2. These are soo nice!! Will deff be having a look in my local tk maxx for storage boxes! :)


  3. Aht they're really cute, I love the different compartments too- would be really useful. Will look for these when moving into my new uni house!

    Love, Elizabeth xx


  4. Ive got them too, just a diffo design! They are so friggin beautiful and usefull! Just expensive:S xx

  5. Oh they are lovely storage boxes :) you can find some real gems in tk maxx xo

  6. TK Maxx always makes me want to buy storage even though I don't need it. I love the suitcase style boxes they do.

    Ria x

  7. Your friend is soo lucky! I wish my friends would put that much thought into my gifts lol! Love the storage! Soo dainty!


  8. so pretty! I wish my bf would let me put something like this in out room haha but I think it's a bit too girlie for him! x

    1. They had some other designs which were still lovely without being overly girlie x

  9. gorgeous storage ideas!! you have a very very lucky friend :) xx

  10. Oh wow! these are gorgeous! I wonder if my local TK Maxx will have these.

  11. The jewellery box is gorgeous, lovely idea for a present
    Carissa xx

    Vanilla Crush Blog

  12. I got a couple of these boxes similar to yours from TK Maxx the other day and used them for all my jewellery ! :)

  13. The jewellery box one is gorgeous. I love finding little things that you can fill with goodies for friends and family at christmas or birthday time :) xx

  14. I actually went straight out to TKMaxx after reading your post and managed to find the little box you said you'd be putting hair clips and the like in. I've been wanting a proper jewellery box for ages, so thank-you!
    Louise x


  15. I love these storage boxes from TKMaxx I have about 4 of them in a red colour. They last too!

  16. These are gorgeous! I feel like I have to run to TK Maxx right now! xx

  17. I saw those the other day - got some in other colours and patterns. They're so gorgeous and I feel pretty sturdy (if they break i will NOT be happy.)
    http://ohmyolivia.blogspot.com/ xo

  18. I came across your post because I went to Tk Maxx today, went to buy these boxes and then ended up not buying them and now im scouring the internet trying to find them UGH, ill have to buy them next week, hope they're not sold out!! Great blog, i'm your latest follower!!


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