1 Aug 2012

3D diamante nails wraps from Nailease.co.uk

It's all a little bit TOWIE here today - I'm blinging up my nails with pink zebra print and diamante nail wraps from Nailese!

I was sent these nail wraps to try, and I didn't get to choose the pattern.  Generally this style is a little bit bolder than what I would go for, but actually they're really grown on me now that they're on my nails!

As the base of these nail wraps is clear, I decided to paint my nails silver before I started, and I think that's worked out really well.  My boyfriend was amazed and thought I'd had my nails done at a salon - if he noticed them they must be good!

These nail wraps come with 20 stickers in a variety of sizes so I was able to select the best fit for my nails.  My nails are not very wide at all, so I always use the smallest wraps in the pack.  The thinnest sticker was actually a bit wide for my little finger and you can see that it's overlapping a bit.  Next time I would trim it to size first.  

I find nail wraps really quite easy to apply as you literally just size them up, stick them on, and trim and file the excess at the end.  I found the Nailese nail wraps to be particularly sticky, so good for long wear, but not so good for adjusting, so I tried to make sure I stuck them on straight first time!

I would certainly buy these, as I love the 3D diamante detail which would take forever to do with a from scratch nail art myself.  I'd pick a pattern that's a bit more me next time - these are my favourites.  Some of these would look fab as an accent nail too, and it would make the pack last through lots of manicures.


You can check out the full range here at nailease.co.uk.  The 3D diamante nail wraps are £6.99 per pack.
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  1. Like you said, the ones you're wearing are a 'bit TOWIE', but the ones you have selected that are more you are really cute :)

  2. I've never tried a nail wrap but these look really good! xx

  3. I quite like this pattern!

  4. They do indeed look a bit too 'TOWIE' and young for me, but I do really like the black with coloured diamante ones! x


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