1 Aug 2012

Dove maximum protection deodorant review

What with the lovely hot weather recently, it's been a good opportunity for me to try out the Dove maximum protection deodorant.  My office gets boiling hot when it's warm outside, so I really notice if my deodorant's not pulling it's weight - there's not much grosser than feeling all sweaty at your desk!

Dove's maximum protection deodorant is said to offer twice the protection of the next best selling antiperspirant and it should last for 48 hours too.  I'm not going to go a second day with no deodorant to test that, but I certainly felt nice and fresh and not at all sweaty using this deodorant.  It coped a lot better in the heat that my usual basic roll on, so I'm going to take this to Vegas with me in September as I'm expecting it to be seriously hot there!

The product is a different design to most deodorants I've used lately.  It's a cream which you use by turning the bottom of the product and a small amount pops up through the holes on the top.  I think because I'm used to using quite a wet roll on deodorant I was surprised at how quickly this one dried, so I could get dressed straight away.

I really like the fragrance of this deodorant too.  It's quite an interesting scent for a deodorant which sometimes only comes in options like 'shower fresh' or 'cotton'.  This one is pomegranate and lemon and it's one of the best smelling deodorants I've tried.   It also comes in cucumber and green tea and an original scent and you can pick it up at Boots for £5.30.
*PR sample



  1. I have seen so many great reviews of this deodorant, but like you I use a wet roll-on and know the formula I like. I'm tempted to try this, but am reluctant to switch because if it's not broken, why fix it?! Did you notice any white marks on your clothes from this?


    1. No white marks that I noticed, but I forgot to test it for that - will have to check tomorrow! xx

  2. Rose and pomegranate sounds lush - I always think deodorant scents are dull! I like dove sprays so I'll have to give this a try xx

  3. I use the Sure one, but this one looks so similar. I might give it a go as soon as I will run out of the Sure one. x

  4. I bet this smells amazing! May have to make a purchase! x


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