19 Aug 2012

Little updates

Well am I behind with these or what?  Life has been getting in the way of blogging lately - how inconsiderate.  Anyway, here's what I've been up to.

Sunshine picnic feast! by fluttersparkle Sunbathing on Blackheath by fluttersparkle
Yum by fluttersparkle It was a mr whippy kind of day by fluttersparkle

Having a fab day off sunbathing and having a picnic in Greenwich park with the boyf.  And we did a bit of planning / getting over excited for Vegas :)

Loving @nailsinc sweets way sprinkles in the sunshine by fluttersparkle Time for more sprinkles - @nailsinc Sugar house lane  by fluttersparkle
My nails appear to have gone a bit TOWIE! by fluttersparkle Pattern nails for #15daynailchallenge by fluttersparkle
Bright neon nails for #15daynailchallenge by fluttersparkle Leopard #nails #nailart #notd by fluttersparkle

Loads of nails.  Some of these were from the 15 day nail challenge I've been doing.

Shooooes by fluttersparkle Ferrero Rocher milkshake by fluttersparkle
Finally burning this beauty! by fluttersparkle Wavy hair day :) by fluttersparkle

1 - loving my flatform sandals 
2 - having toomany milkshakes from the place near my work (this one was ferrero rocher!)
3 - finally burning a yankee I've been hoarding forever
4 - curly locks from my Enrapture totem styler - if you haven't already, you can enter my giveaway to win your own totem styler here

Boyf forgot to tell me my boots.com delivery was here by fluttersparkle My roses have opened up :) by fluttersparkle
I\'m getting a bit obsessed with being a curly wurly now! Blog post soon on what I\'m using by fluttersparkle My first attempt at homemade strawberry ice cream went well by fluttersparkle

1 - a little Boots online haul
2 - roses from the boyf <3 p="p">
3 - more curls from the totem styler
4 - I made my own ice cream! 

So glad to be back on real food! by fluttersparkle This morning\'s leisurely day off breakfast :) by fluttersparkle
Bounty ice cream addiction by fluttersparkle Munching at a Turkish restaurant with @fluffypinkystar and @zaravgreen by fluttersparkle
Nom after dinner mint cheesecake from @loveaslice by fluttersparkle Pizza is happening by fluttersparkle

1 - mammoth burger dinner I made for the boyf
2 - eggie soldiers :)
3 - current obsession - bounty ice cream 
4 - Delicious dinner at a Turkish restaurant
5 - after dinner mint cheesecake noms
6 - Batman pizzas

Technically this is only half of what I've been up to - as I'm a bit behind I didn't want to bore you with 100 instagram pictures.  I'm going to try to get back into some more normal blogging this week - I underestimated how much time the 15 day nail challenge would take up, so I was sort of blogging about that and nothing else, oops!  Normal service should resume shortly.  I'll probably have a few holiday related posts coming up as I'll be packing for Vegas which is now less than 2 weeks away eeek!

I have some fab guest posts coming up for you while I'm away and I'm sure I'll be instagramming any time I have a wifi connection too.  

My totem styler giveaway ends before I go on holiday so that there's time for me to pick the winner and send your details to Enrapture before I go.  You have one week left to enter here.

Also if you're looking for the next part of my beauty blogging tips, sorry I'm a bit behind.  I should have the next installment up by next weekend.  

I'll leave you with links to some of the lovely new blogs I discovered while doing the 15 day nail challenge - 

Have a fabulously sunny Sunday xx



  1. Fab pictures! :) I wore my flatforms last night and I love them so much!



    1. I wish mine were more comfy - I've had them about a month and haven't finished breaking them in!

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post :) Where did you get your flatforms from? I ordered some that look pretty much the same, from eBay, but as the bit of the sandal that goes over the foot is so low, my feet keep slipping out when I wear them. I wore them for 5 minutes in the house and then realised I couldn't wear them out :(


    1. Mine are probably the same ones as they're from ebay too. I've had the foot popping out thing happen once, in the middle of the office at work - rather embarrassing! It's only happened once though - maybe you need a smaller size? xx

  3. I haven't had egg and soldiers for ages!!


  4. Yum yum.. your meals are making me hungry haha :p

    1. Sorry! So many of my instagram pics are always food!

  5. Your food pics are making me hungry :( LOVE all your nail photos too, they're gorgeous <3
    http://ohmyolivia.blogspot.co.uk/ xo

  6. Yummy all that food looks amazing! I could murder a Starbucks frappucino now!

    How exciting that Vegas is just around the corner! Can't wait to see your photos x

    1. I know! I'm literally obsessed with the place right now - I have loads of guide books and I keep stalking the Vegas hashtag on Instagram! xx

  7. I love these sorts of update posts - your nails look gorgeous :)


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