12 Aug 2012

Makeup Savvy 15 day nail challenge - Day 11 and 12 - Metallic and Stripes

Day 11 on the Makeup Savvy 15 day nail challenge was metallic nails.  I painted these nails yesterday and they went really well with my wedding outfit, but as I was getting ready for the wedding, I didn't have time to post them, so here they are a day late.

I used Nails Inc Haymarket which is a creamy mint colour and China Glaze Icicle for my metallic silver.I fancied doing some mix and match patterns, so I tried something different on each nail,  but matched bother hands.  I really like this look - my lines are a bit wobbly, but not too bad.

Today is day 12 and the challenge is stripes.  I'd already done some stripes in one of the other challenges, so I thought about how I could make this a bit different, which is why I added the black lines.  I painted on stripes of colours in different orders and then went over the joins with a black line.  I'm not used to using the brush of my nail art pen, so I definitely need some practice to get the lines steadier, but I think here the wobbly lines sort of look like they were intentional and it adds some interest (I think!).

I used four Nails Inc pastel colours and my Models Own black nail art pen.

Tomorrow the challenge is film inspired nails - this could be interesting...


  1. Love the Metallic nails. Nails Inc Haymarket looks like a lovely colour. These are so good!


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