13 Aug 2012

Makeup Savvy 15 day nail challenge - Day 13 - film inspired nails

Day 13 on the Makeup Savvy 15 day nail challenge is film inspired nails.  In my head I had a great idea for The Little Mermaid nails, but I'm not sure they're really come out that well.  I was trying to pick out the colours of the beach, the sea, Ariel's hair and her mermaid tail.  The colours have come out a little bit darker here than in real life where the red was much more coral.

This was my first attempt at trying out something like this.  I like the overlapping nail that I did on my ring finger and I'll try that again some time.  I just need to think about the order of the colours to make sure they layer well as it was difficult to stop my mermaid colour showing through under the coral.

Tomorrow the challenge is dots - I can't believe it'll be day 14 and it's nearly all over :(


  1. nice!


  2. Pretty shades and all Little Mermaid like :) I now have the 'under the sea we play all day' song in my head looking at these nails! ha

    Fee x

  3. Gorgeous, you picked really great colours and it's very mermaid-y :)x


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