17 Aug 2012

Origins spot remover blemish treatment pads

I get so annoyed with my skin for not being clear enough.  I always thought I'd leave spots behind with being a teenager, but in my twenties I still get the odd little spot now and again, but more annoyingly, under the skin sort of bumps especially on my forehead and cheeks.  So although I'm trying to keep my skin hydrated and fight off the first wrinkles, I'm also still striving for clear skin, so annoying!

I'd been thinking about trying the Origins super spot remover gel as I'd seen a lot of good reviews on it, when I was offered the chance to try the Origins spot remover blemish treatment pads.  I think these are actually better for what I'm after as I don't necessarily always have single spots to target, but more of these little bumpy spots, so it's easier to use the pads all over my face.

The pads are a more expensive spot treatment than anything I've tried before from Boots or Superdrug, but I can really see the difference in quality.  Some of the skincare I've tried before which is aimed at blemish prone skin is designed for teenagers, and it can really strip my skin and be too harsh, so I see the Origins spot remover products as being for grown-up skin.

You get 60 pads in a tub and they are super soaked in the liquid containing salicylic acid, clove and oregano, so each pad is more than enough to treat my whole face.  They exfoliate at the same time as treating the skin to reduce blemishes and help prevent breakouts.  

I've been using these for a couple of weeks now and haven't had any more full blown spots.  I do still have the little bumpy under the skin ones, but I think they have reduced slightly, so I'm going to continue to use the pads and see if I notice any more results.  

The Origins spot remover blemish treatment pads cost £22 and you can buy them direct from Origins here.  I'll definitely be picking these up when I've run out and taking advantage of this freebie special offer when you buy two Origins products.

Do you still get annoying post teenage blemishes too? 
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  1. I really want to try these but think they're quite pricey, Simple have just come out with something really similar though!x

  2. You skin sounds like mine - I only get a few obvious spots, but my cheeks are bumpy with under the skin nasties. It's probably not as noticeable as I think it is but it does bother me!

    Witch blemish gel works quite well and isn't as pricey, but I may treat myself to these at some point :) x

  3. I am havig such problems with my skin recently that I am considering trying these. Mine has gone really oily recently, so something like this could be good.

  4. I may have to try these, my acne has come back with a vengeance recently, but my skin is dry aswell, and lots of spot things totally dry me out! xx

  5. These look really good!


  6. I may have to give these a try, i use the gel at the moment and love it. My skin is really playing up though recently, gel is working wonders but the pads look good.

    1. I think I might still get the gel at some point for targeting any big spots!

  7. Ugh, I know exactly what you mean about those annoying little under-the-skin bumps! I have recently started getting quite a few of them on my chin area, and my forehead has also suddenly become more oily, resulting in the odd spot, but more so than I am used to. Actually, I had really good skin as a teenager - it's only now starting to give me little problems!
    I would love to try these pads, as Origins always come up trumps. I'd be interested to know if they do eventually get rid of the bumps, as I really don't know what sort of treatment would clear those up if not!
    Have a lovely weekend :)
    Mel x


    1. I'll definitely do an update on it to let you know - I'll be singing from the rooftops if I can get rid f the little bumps! x


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