20 Aug 2012

Quenching a vampire thirst with Cybercandy

I had another little parcel from cybercandy.co.uk the other day, but rather than sweeties this time, I had a rather unusual surprise... a bottle of vampire blood!

This is a replica of Vampire Bill's favourite drink from the series Tru Blood.  Now whilst I must admit I've never watched Tru Blood, I am a massive closet Twilight fan, so I know my Vampires.  I keep hearing a lot about Tru Blood being a bit of a more adult version of Twilight actually, and I was recommended to read some of the books on my holiday, so I may well be getting to know Tru Blood a bit better soon, but for now, I get to have a taste...

Isn't that just the coolest bottle you ever saw?  When I told my friend Rob about this (he is a huge Tru Blood fan) he immediately asked if he could have the collectible bottle after I'd enjoyed the Vampire juice.  If I'd known he'd like it that much I'd have hidden it until his birthday!  

So what does O positive blood taste like?  Rather like oranges actually, blood oranges funnily enough, and it has a bubbly, fizzy texture.  Who knew?  Fang-tastic!  No wonder those Vampires are always sinking their teeth into unsuspecting humans if we taste so good :)

The super kitsch fabness of cybercandy gets me every time.  I've just been browsing ( / drooling over) their selection of pop tarts.  Frosted brown sugar cinnamon anyone?  Amazeballs.

The Tru Blood Vampire blood drink costs £6.99 and comes in a proper glass collectible bottle (which was very well packed to keep it safe in the post I should add).  Check out that and your other favourites from foreign lands here at cybercandy.co.uk.  
*PR sample



  1. I love True Blood and tried the actual Tru Blood when they first came out, still got the bottle!

  2. That's so cool!!!! I keep seeing Cybercandy pop up allover the blogosphere, I must try it out everything looks so yummy.

    Charlotte xo

  3. I love the true blood series and the Sookie Stackhouse books! The books are really good reads - they'd be ideal for a holiday! That bottle of Tru Blood looks so cool, I'd love to buy one just to have on my shelf! Xo

  4. This looks so cool! I've been trying to resist making a huge purchase on Cybercandy after seeing all the posts on them lately... I can't really afford it at the moment but I need some cookie dough Poptarts!

    Frances xx


  5. I absolutely LOVE this!!!! I want some true blood!

  6. Wow that looks amazing! Think I might have to get my boyfriend one of those... and myself one too!


  7. I would love this bottle! I would start a whole display of bottles just to include this! AMAZING!

    Click here to get your daily buzz!

    Sarah xoxo

  8. I love the concept of this :) I really want to try it!!



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