31 Aug 2012

Stila creme bouquet perfume and new Stila launches

What seems like a very long time ago now (because it was) I went along to a lovely Stila event where we got to hear and see expert celebrity makeup artists talk about and demonstrate the latest Stila products.  We also got a preview of what Stila has in store for Christmas.  It was a lovely event, but unfortunately I was really ill and not feeling at all switched on, so I ended up leaving early without taking the photos I wanted to.  Small violins away please, because I still got to try out the lovely Stila creme bouquet fragrance*.  Although I couldn't smell anything all all at the time, I can now enjoy this perfume in its full glory!

It's a predominantly vanilla scent mixed with a variety of lovely florals (lily of the valley and pink lilac), so it's totally true to its name - Creme Bouquet.  It's quite a strong scent but it's also delicate at the same time - definitely a romantic sort of smell I think, and something I would happily wear every day in spring and summer.  

Creme Bouquet is a classic Stila perfume which has been around for several years, but it's now been relaunched with a new look.  I really like the way the colours come in through the back of the glass bottle - really simple but effective.  The perfume costs £29.50 for 50ml and you can pick it up direct from Stila here.

Although I wasn't really feeling like all my lights were switched on, I did manage to stick around for the demonstration of Stila's new Stay all Day foundation and concealer.  I love the concept of this product - the foundation comes with a matching concealer which is stored in the lid of the bottle together with a mirror.  Plus it comes with a foundation brush.  Pretty fool proof.  Everyone was really impressed by these.  You can have a look at the colour range here and each foundation costs £29.50.

The other thing which really caught my eye (but not my camera lens sadly) is the one step correcting base.  I think I'm just a bit of a sucker for all of those pretty swirly colours, but I do love a good primer and I have a lot of redness on my face, so this is going on my wish list.  One step correcting base - £24.

I'm glad Stila's back, I love what they have going on right now.
*PR sample


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  1. That purfume bottle is so cute!

    I like the idea of a concealer/foundation double in one product!


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