17 Sept 2012

Holiday favourites #1 - E45 silky radiance body lotion

So I'm back from Vegas and I want to share with you my favourite products that I used while I while I was away.  First up, the body moisturiser I took with me - E45 silky radiance.

Skin can get so dry in the sun, plus with all the air conditioning I was subjecting myself to, I relied on this heavily.  I did use an after sun too, but I used this moisturiser even when I hadn't been in the sun just to rid my skin of that tight feeling it can get when it's too dry.  I never need so much moisturiser when I'm at home, but really noticed my skin getting dehydrated in the dry heat of Vegas.  

The E45 silky radiance worked perfectly for me on holiday.  It's not so heavy that you have to wait ages or it to sink in and it didn't leave any stickiness - it just made my skin feel hydrated and comfortable.  I also liked to subtle shimmer than this gives to the skin - unfortunately my camera hasn't picked it up but in real life it gives a lovely sheen that just makes the skin look healthy and bright, especially once you're a little bit bronze!

You can pick this up at Boots and it's £3.99 for 250ml.
*PR sample


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