18 Sept 2012

Holiday favourites #2 - Clearasil Daily Clear Vitamins & Extracts Wash and Mask

Next on my list of products I used and loved while I was away on holiday is a face wash.  To save packing space I took one that the boyf and I could happily share - Clearasil daily clear vitamins and extracts wash and mask.

The boyf always uses a spot fighting type of face wash, but most days I don't.  I usually use quite a creamy cleanser, but on holiday I knew I'd be getting really hot and sticky in the heat so wanted something that would keep any potential spots away and keep my skin matte.  This meant we could share a product, and because this wash doubles as a mask too, it was super space saving for my always bulging suitcase.  

The Clearasil daily clear wash felt pretty gentle on my skin, which surprised me considering it's an anti-acne product.  It's got a creamy formulation, and smells lovely and fruity (avocado and pomegranate), so it wasn't far off from using one of my usual creamy cleansers at all.  It's great that you can also use it as a mask by applying a thicker layer and leaving it on for a few minutes.  I've tried a Neutrogena wash / mask like this before and really liked it too.  

This wash left my skin feeling super clean, comfortable and fresh.  I don't know whether I'd have had any pesky breakouts while I was away if I hadn't used this, but I didn't and I'm happy with that.  Oh and the bf said he liked it too, he doesn't mind being my guinea pig as long as he gets lovely products to use :)

The Clearasil Daily Clear range is available at Boots and the Wash and Mask costs £4.99.
*PR sample


  1. oooh, I'm tempted to try this, I've heard many good things about it. I used to hate Clearasil products, used to use them during my teenage years. They used to burn my skin and do nothing for spots, but this looks good! :)


  2. I just finished a tube of this, it's pretty good actually. I would definitely get it again.


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