22 Sept 2012

Holiday favourites #6 - Etat pur sun care review

I mentioned these in some of my previous posts about my holiday, but as this is a series on holiday favourites, I can't go without another mention about my sun care.  It's the Etat Pur after sun gel, peptide pro-melanin and facial sun cream.

Etat Pur has developed the first Biomimetic range of sun care using ingredients that have been selected to be in perfect affinity with the skin.  It uses unique formulas, exclusively composed of mineral filters, to provide optimal sun protection which is perfectly safe for the skin, even for those sensitive or allergic to organic chemical filters.  

I used the peptide pro-melanin for a few days before my holiday and then while I was away too.  It's designed to get your skin prepared for the sun and to help it start producing melanin which is what happens in the sun when you start to tan.  The idea is that you'll tan faster than normal by using the pro-melanin product.  It's hard for me to say whether or not this sped up my tan - the only true test for that would be for me to have perhaps applied this to one arm and not the other, but I didn't fancy an un-even tan!  What I can say is that I started to pick up a tan even on the first day of my holiday.

I also used the facial sun cream every day while I was away.  At spf 30 it's a higher factor than I use on my body, but it's perfect for the face.  When I was younger I was so obsessed with getting a good tan and I really didn't think about the effects sun damage on the face causing nasty wrinkles.  These days I prefer to use a high factor and I keep my face in the shade a lot - I'd rather fake it on my face than end up looking like a prune!

The after sun soothing gel was a product the boy and I could share.  I don't really burn very easily, but I still like to use an after sun to add moisture back into the skin and it's a lovely way to cool down and refresh after a hot day in the sun too.  This after sun was lovely to use as it gave that cooling sensation and left the skin feeling hydrated and soft.

All of these products are available from etatpur.co.uk.   


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