27 Sept 2012

Models Own Mirror Ball collection swatches over black, white and colours

Ahh the mirror balls :) From the first glimpse on the Models Own facebook page I knew I had to own them all.  I even stalked them online while I was on holiday to make sure I got my order in before they sold out.  I think I might just be addicted to glitter!

Here I've shown the full range of beauts over a plain white and then a plain black.  I thought I was going to like them over white best, but actually, the black really intensifies the glitters and shows up the intricacies that are lost on a white background.  The white makes them girlie and sweet but black makes them look firey and somehow galactic - I like!

I also decided to try them over similar background colours and they wowed me again.  There's an actual party going on right here on my nails. I used quite bright colours for my base shades here but I've also just seen them over pastel colours on this blog and they look ahh-maazing too.  

The mirror balls have not disappointed me.  I really like the different shapes and sizes of glitter - it makes them much more interesting than a standard glitter polish and I'm going to be using them a lot as top coats to jazz up some of my unloved polishes.  I also find they stop my polish from shipping so easily - I think it's something about the rougher texture - definite bonus.

I bought these in a set where you get all five mirror balls and a top coat for £20 from modelsownit.com.  The set is currently sold out, but you can still buy the polishes individually.  There's also now a 50% sale going on until 2 October with the code SUMMERSALE.

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  1. these look amazing! i cant wait to own them!



  2. I really love the look of these, there is something extra special about them over the black..im seriously lusting after these now xx

  3. love these! Esp the pastels u had underneath them :) The only downside to lovely glitter is taking it off >.<

  4. These look bloody amazing. I'm in love!
    Beauty Fiends Blog

    I'm also having a giveaway here

  5. Uh-oh, I can feel a purchase coming on! Love them over your coloured nails x

  6. Love them! I want to get my hands on them but they have sold out on the Models Own website!! Will have to wait till mid October I think for them to come back into stock! xx

  7. I definitely need to order a few of these polishes when they come back in stock :-)


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