11 Sept 2012

Muji storage review by Suzanne

Firstly before I start rabbiting on, let me introduce myself:  My name is Suzanne and I run a blog over at Blind Beauties.  The lovely Gem has asked me to guest post for her while she takes a well-deserved holiday!

So my post today is about storage, Muji Storage to be precise!  I recently did a DIY post for the re-use of beauty box's (you can check it out here) and I came to the conclusion I am not naturally arty and it ended up looking rubbish!  Therefore I needed a replacement and look what I came across:

What a lovely idea?  Great for storing anything from make-up through to those bits and bobs, samples etc you collect over the years.  Its totally see-through and to top it off you can purchase either narrow or wide and can be stacked as many as you like before it topples over!!

Here's what mine looks like (with a little help from Picfx!):

The boxes are priced at £8.50 for the narrow or £11.50 for the wide and they come with or without the fliptop lid....fancy getting yourself some? You can pick them up at Muji online here.

Thanks for your guest post Suzanne!  These Muji boxes are so popular with beauty bloggers.  I certainly considered getting some before I ordered my Kim Kardasian style Glam Box.  Check out Suzanne's blog - Blind Beauties here.



  1. I love the muji acrylic storage!


  2. I really need to get my hands on these!


  3. I keep all of my makeup in MUJI acrylic storage drawers - you can see my collection here :) http://maliberrymakeup.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/my-makeup-storage.html


  4. I love the Muji drawers, although I'm too poor to buy them at the moment! I'm moving into a new house, so perhaps I can convince my parents to treat me as a moving in gift!! x

  5. Really considering getting one of these . . as my beauty bits and bobs grow, I am running outta space! lol Great post and thank you :)


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