25 Sept 2012

September beauty boxes compared: Glossybox v She said beauty

Rather than the usual 'what's in the box' type beauty box post, as I got both a Glossybox and a She said beauty box this month, I thought I'd pit them against each other and do a comparison of the September boxes.

First of all, looking at the packaging, both of the boxes are really pretty to look at and are ones which I will keep to store bits and bobs in.  Glossyboxes are usually a pale pink, but every now and again they change up the colour of the box to match the theme of the contents.  This is the first time as far as I know, that they've had a patterned box and this one was designed by Maggie Li.  I think it's a shame this theme didn't continue onto the inside - the black tissue and shredding almost clashes with the pretty outer box - I'd have loved it more if that had matched the overall colour-scheme.  

As for the She said beauty box, I think the hot pink and bright turquoise are their regular brand colours and I really really like them - the subtle fleur de lis pattern on the box and on the sticker appeals to me too - this is how I'd design my own beauty box if I had the chance.  The one thing I don't like is the straw like shred - the visual effect is lovely, but bits of it got everywhere despite me carefully trying not to drop any.  

Moving on to the inside of the boxes and starting with She said beauty, I got the following products - 

amie spring clean clay mask
Ginerva whitening marvel gel 
Popchips crisps
DHC deep cleansing oil
Collection fix me up makeup setting spray
Collection primed and ready primer

Not a bad list of things to try out in my opinion.  The addition of the crisps stands out as being a bit odd to me - I'm not sure how they relate to beauty, but maybe they're just a little extra item as I got six products in the box in total.  There's nothing in this box I wouldn't use.  In fact I've tried the Ginerva product before and loved it, and the two Collection products are ones I'd been thinking about trying.  I got the same cleansing oil in another beauty box and haven't got around to trying it yet - I'll be able to give it more of a try now that I have double the sample.  

From reading other people's posts on the September She said beauty boxes, it seems that everyone gets the same contents.  I'm not 100% sure on that, but I couldn't find any posts with a single different product.  I can understand why it's not always going to be possible for everyone to get the same contents because of the large numbers, but I do think it's a plus point if this is the way She said beauty operate.  We can't help being just a little bit envious when we see someone else got a full size or high end brand product in a beauty box and we didn't, can we?  

And secondly, onto what was inside my September Glossybox

Body Shop vitamin E moisture cream 
Biosilk silk therapy hair treatment
Balance me wonder eye cream
Lady Gaga fame perfume sample
Rodial 5 minute facial and Glamoxy snake serum sample sachets 

In complete contrast to the She said beauty box, I've been unable to find another blog post with exactly the same September Glossybox contents as me!  I saw lots and lots of completely different ones.  Some included a full size Mythic hair oil, which a lot of people seemed to be saying they wanted to get in their box. I'm not too bothered as I have tried other hair oils, and I quite like the contents of my box - all of the products are something that I will use.  I'm always slightly disappointed to see a perfume sample in any beauty box as I tend to think of them as something you could get for free in a department store.  Although I was interested in having a sniff of Gaga's new scent and hadn't gotten around to it yet, so I'm happy with this.  Another thing I don't usually like in beauty boxes is tiny sample sachets as again they seem like something you might get for free, and it's not really enough product to try it out properly.  But, as these are Rodial samples, which is a brand I've heard really good things about and wanted to try, it's okay.  Actually having looked up about the snake serum (slight scary sounding but super intriguing!) apparently you can see the effects with one application, so two sachets may well be enough to show me what the product can do.  I'm really looking forward to trying these.  

So overall I liked both of the boxes.  I love Glossybox's limited edition box design, but I prefer She said beauty's general theme colours.  As for contents I'm pleased with both sets of products, although it does feel like I got slightly more from the She said beauty box as most of the items are larger sizes.  

Glossybox subscriptions cost £12.95 per month including p&p and She said beauty is £11.95, although both boxes were sent to me for consideration this month.  

Which is your favourite beauty box subscription? 
*PR samples



  1. Crisps?!!! Blimey. (Although Popchips are bloody lovely I have to say.)

  2. I got the exact same as you in my GlossyBox! I personally wasn't happy at all withe sizes this month, GlossyBox is beginning to let me down x

  3. I'd never heard of the She Said box it sounds pretty good, but overall I'd go for the Glossybox, this month at least it sounds better xo


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