3 Sept 2012

Top 10 nail polishes with Amy from Beauty Boutique

So right about now I should be in super sunny Las Vegas, wooop!  I have some brilliant guest posts coming up for you to keep you entertained while I'm away, and the first is from Amy who blogs at Beauty Boutique.  Amy is a veteran guest poster having also done me the honour last year, although I unfortunately made a bit of a booboo with her photos.  Hopefully it'll all work perfectly this year...

Hello there!

Firstly thank you to Gem for letting me guest post on her blog! I decided to do this post as I have a slight obsession for nail varnish and I know Gem does too! I have selected a few polishes from my collection that I love and I hope that you share some of my favourites or find yourself a new favourite!

So here are my Top 10:

From left to right and in favouritism;
1. Nails Inc Instyle Bluebell
2. Models Own Indian Ocean
3. Nails Inc Electric Avenue
4. Topshop Adrenalin
5. Bourjois Guimauve
6. 17 Tiger's Eye
7. Rimmel Pro Ultra Violet
8. Barry M Peach Melba
9. Models Own Feeling Blue
10. No.7 Milan

1. Nails Inc Instyle Bluebell - This was a nail varnish that I got with the magazine 'Instyle'. This is my favourite nail polish because it is suitable for all seasons in the year. It's a beautiful colour and it looks brilliant whatever skin tone you have!

2. Models Own Indian Ocean - This is a sheer nail varnish that looks brilliant over blues, purples, pinks or greens! It simply adds a bit more of an effect to your nail varnish look and also looks brilliant when the sun light catches your nails as they appear to be two toned! 

3. Nails Inc Electric Avenue - Again I love wearing this over nail varnish to add that extra bit of sparkle. The glitter in the nail varnish reflects all different colours in the light making your nails look slightly holographic. It takes only two coats to get a great effect!

4. Topshop Adrenalin - I could stare at this nail varnish all day! It is utterly beautiful. The glitter is slightly pink and there is a variety of glitter sizes in the varnish. This varnish looks brilliant over pink nail varnishes in particular and looks holographic in the sun light too! Again it only takes a few coats to get an amazing result!

5. Bourjois Guimauve - This is a nail polish that I picked up after wanting the Essie 'Splash of Grenadine'. This is a perfect dupe for this and has undertones of blue in the polish. It's a beautiful colour!

6. 17 Tiger's Eye - This is the very first beauty product that I blogged about when I started Beauty Boutique! I love the colour and it is perfect for all seasons. I really do love this nail varnish but it has been slightly neglected recently!

7. Rimmel Pro Ultra Violet - This is a lovely violet colour and in the photo it looks more blue than what it is in the bottle. It's just a great colour to wear in summer and looks lovely with a tan!

8. Barry M Peach Melba - A well talked about nail varnish in the blogging world and rightly so! This looks amazing in the summer months and is also a great base for many nail art looks such as leopard print and flowers. It takes a few coats to get a nice smooth finish but is very glossy when dry.

9. Models Own Feeling Blue - This is a lovely bright blue nail varnish that looks lovely matched with the Models Own Indian Ocean. On it's own however it would look fantastic with a tan!

10. No.7 Milan - A lovely shimmering pink nail varnish that looks more sophisticated than your average pink nail varnish. It dries smooth and glossy and looks fantastic!

So there are my top 10 nail varnishes!

If you haven't already visit my Nail Varnish page to see all swatches!
You may find some new favourites!

Thanks for your beautiful post Amy.  Is it bad that I own several of those polishes already and have also spotted a couple I definitely need to buy?!  I've been meaning to get Topshop Adrenalin for ages - it's a beaut!  You must pop over and visit Amy's fabulous blog which is Beauty Boutique - you'll love it, I promise :)


  1. I have and love 17 Tiger's Eye!!
    Love No.7 Milan, need to look into that! Great post.

  2. Great post, such a good idea!
    http://ohmyolivia.blogspot.co.uk/ xo

  3. Thank you Gem and glad you liked it girlies :) xx


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