23 Oct 2012

A girlie afternoon tea with nutella cheesecake and lots of other naughty treats

This blog has been rather lacking in posts about cake recently, so to remedy that, here are a few snaps from a little afternoon tea party I threw for my girls at the weekend.

We had lots of scrummy cake, mini sandwiches, crisps and sweeties washed down with fruity prosecco and lots of cups of tea.  

This was my first time making whoopie pies - I think I made a few mistakes and they didn't turn out very neat, but I'll know what to do differently next time.  I'll definitely have another go soon and then post the recipe and a step by step because they tasted amazing.  

I made some fairly standard cupcakes and cake pops, although I tried a new frosting for my chocolate cupcakes which was peanut butter!  To make this I whipped together peanut butter, butter, icing sugar and double cream - naughty but oh so nice.  

The main event was my Nutella cheesecake which was an adaptation of a Nigella recipe.  I took step by step photos as I made this and will blog the full how-to soon - if you like nutella you'll love this cheesecake. If I hadn't made it myself I'd feel comfortable saying it's the best cheesecake I've ever tasted :) 
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  1. Nutella cheesecake??? Oh my days! Why aren't I eating this every minute of every day? Yes please, post the recipe! x

    1. That really made me laugh :) I'll try to post it this weekend x

  2. Looks so pretty, and so yummy! xx

  3. This all looks amazing! I'd love to do something like this, baking is so much fun.

    I've wanted to try whoopie pies for ages so I can't wait for your step-by-step post.

    Charlotte xo

  4. Can i steal you for Christmas? this looks delightfully scrummy!


  5. I would love the recipe for the cheesecake :D

    egtx3.blogspot.co.uk :) xo

  6. Oooh, saw the Nutella cheesecake on the TV! can't wait to see how you adapted it!

  7. This looks amazing, must have taken you forever!!

    Jo xo

  8. Mmmm this post has made me so hungry!



  9. Yum! Everything looks so delicious :)

    WORLDWIDE GIVEAWAY on my blog Pastel Bokeh

  10. Oh my god, Nutella cheesecake? AMAZING!

  11. Mmm this all looks delicious! Can I come round for afternoon tea?! Haha xx

  12. I made the Nigella nutella cheesecake after seeing it in Stylist magazine. It is so naughty but totally lush http://missladyglamour.blogspot.co.uk/


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