3 Oct 2012

Double cleansing with Super Facialist by Una Brennan

A few years ago you'd never have persuaded me to put oil on my face or my hair no matter what (my pores were making more than enough of the natural stuff thanks), but lately oils in different forms are popping up everywhere in beauty.  My skin isn't really oily any more, I think  I've properly outgrown that thankfully, and I'm now more of a slightly oily combination with even a bit of dryness now and again, so I felt finally ready to try a facial oil cleanser.

As this was my first time using a facial oil as a cleanser, I really didn't know what to expect.  I followed the instructions carefully, wetting my face and then warming a few pumps of the oil in my hands before massaging it in to my skin.  

From the first use I was really impressed and I've been using this facial oil every night since I got it, followed immediately by a second cleanse with the daily brightening cleanser.  Washing your face twice in a row does sound like a bit of a faff, and I did originally question how long I'd keep that up, but like I said, I've done this every night since I got the products, so that's nearly two weeks now.  

Cleansing with the oil feels a little bit like I'm giving myself a lovely treatment - the smell is absolutely gorgeous and massaging in the oil feels wonderfully relaxing.  Neroli seems to be the essential oil of the moment popping up in candles and beauty products all over the place and I'm becoming hooked on this lovely scent.  A little googling tells me Neroli oil actually comes from the blossom of bitter orange trees, so there's a fact of the day for you!  

The price of the facial oil is really good too in my opinion (£14.99) - using it gave me the feel of a more high end quality so I'd initially assumed it was really quite expensive, but pleasingly it's well within my budget for what I'd spend on a cleanser.  

As for the Daily brightening cleanser, if I'd used this alone I think I'd probably have rated as a nice enough facial wash, but combined with the facial oil as a second step, it's a perfect partner.  Naturally the facial oil is going to leave a residue, so the instructions say to remove with a flannel, but as I have a bit of an aversion to flannels (thinking about it I might try this with a muslin cloth) I've just been following straight on to the cleanser which removes any left over make-up and deals with the residue left by the facial oil leaving me with thoroughly clean skin.  

Super Facialist has a wide range of products including cleansers, masks and creams, and there are different ranges for different skin types.  The two products I've tried are from the Neroli Firming range and are designed to be age defying treatments to target fine lines and balance moisture levels whilst eliminating impurities and regenerating skin cells - exactly what my skin needs.   

I try out a lot of different cleansers so I don't re-purchase the same ones very often, but I know I'll want to continue using this duo when I run out - the facial oil costs £14.99 and the cleanser is £7.99 and you can see the whole range here at Boots.com

Have you ever tried a cleansing oil?  Did you like it?
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  1. So glad you discovered the Superfacialist range and the double cleanse. I use these and Dermalogica products on my clients and would definitely recommend using a muslin cloth to wash off both the oil and cleanser. It’s much more gentle than a flannel but more effective than your hands. Eve Lom and Dermalogica both sell the cloths



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