29 Oct 2012

Halloween Lush: The enchanter bath bomb ballistic review

I mentioned in my Lush haul post that there wasn't much out at Lush for Halloween, so I picked up the only bath bomb offering which was this - The Enchanter.  I nearly missed it as it doesn't look very spooky or Halloween themed but one of the sales assistants recommended it to me and explained that it was much more exciting on the inside than it looks on the outside.  Here's what happened when I dropped it into my bath....

The enchanter | £3.20 | Lush

So pretty.  I took about 100 photos as it zoomed around the bath doing its thing and revealing the hidden pink core beneath the yellow shell.  It made a really interesting marble pattern on the top of the water which I was really rather impressed by, so I'm glad I tried this one even though it looked a bit dull to begin with.  

This was a lovely smelling bath bomb - I couldn't really put my finger on what the scent was - it smelt sort of citrusy but there was something more I couldn't work out.  Checking on the Lush site it tells me that it's actually lime with neroli and frankincense - wasn't expecting that last one!

It's lucky that this bath bomb was so pretty in the water, because it made a serious mess of my bath and if it had been any less impressive I might never have forgiven it for the grainy pink tide mark which didn't want to budge from my white bath.  Mildly annoying, but I still liked it.

Next I'll be trying some of the Christmassy Lush I bought :)

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  1. Wow those colours are amazing xx

  2. Ooo this looks really pretty!! :)


  3. Wow! This is amazing I neeeeedd this x

  4. I haven't tried this bomb this year, I usually skip the halloween collection after their terrible swamp petal bath bomb year :/
    It looks so pretty, maybe I'll pick one up tomorrow night

    http://lucyywrites01.blogspot.com x

  5. Wow I love Lush bath bombs!!


  6. Ooh this is very pretty indeed, love the bright colours!

  7. I love the enchanter. When abouts did you buy it? Because in the latest couple of batches the concentration of pink in the bath bombs has been taken down by 40% so that there should be no more staining :) The neroli makes it extra special because it naturally releases serotonin so will make you feel happier. xx


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