30 Oct 2012

Halloween nail fail with Barry M web effects polish

I think I've had a slight fail with this Halloween nails.  I had visions of the Barry M crackle polish creating a vibrant orange spider's web over a coat of black, but the result is a a bit disappointing really.

Web effect nail polish | £3.99 | Barry M

The orange looks so bright in the bottle, but over black it loses its vibrancy and looks a little bit dingy and dull.  The spider web pattern drawn on the bottle cap is a little misleading which has also fueled my disappointment.  There was no way it was going to crackle into a perfect web pattern I know, it does look slightly web-ish at the base of my nail.  Maybe this would show up better over white?

Ah well, you have to try these things to see what they're like.  Luckily my other Barry M purchase of a couple of their gelly polishes has been much more impressive, and I'll blog those soon.

Have you had more success with your Halloween nails?  I'd love you to link me to your posts.

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  1. I agree the orange is quite dull compared to the bottle and the design is quite similar to the crocodile cracked effect (not entirely sure of the name!)

  2. I had the exact same issue trying that polish over grey last night, the orange is so dull compared to the bottle :(

    In the end I've gone with black nails with Barry M pink/silver multi glitter on top instead, not quite Halloween but at least it looks good! :)

  3. I tried this and much the same, i now have a disappointed 5 year old as well as she wanted webs for trick or treating just can't believe a normaly good brand could get it so wrong

  4. This looks amazing, prefect for halloween!



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