16 Oct 2012

Nails Inc graffiti effect glitter nail polishes in camden lock and hoxton street - review and swatches

You all know I'm a huge Nails Inc fan, and I loved the sprinkles polishes, so I was really excited to hear they'd brought out some new special effect glitter type polishes.  These are multi-coloured different sized and shaped glitters to give a graffiti look and I got two of the four colours to play with.

*Nails Inc Graffiti polishes | £11 each | Nails Inc

These polishes are a funky glitter explosion in a clear base - they're going to look best over a base colour as I don't think you could build them to an opaque finish, but they are absolutely jam packed with glitter.  I only used one coat in these swatches and as you can see the glitter is pretty dense.

I think camden lock gives the best 'graffiti' look because of the colours.  I deliberately put this one over white as I thought that would enhance all of the colours and make them stand out.  I went shopping with this on on Saturday and almost every shop assistant was asking me what it was and if I did my nails myself - I let them in on the graffiti secret!

I also put hoxton street  over white, but actually I think it'll be more amazing over pink and lilac polishes to compliment the glitters.  This one's such a lovely mix of purple and pinky rose gold glitter - they're my favourite types of colours so I'll be trying this again out over a different base soon and will post some more swatches.

There are four polishes in the graffiti range - Brick Lane, Camden Lock, Hoxton Street and Portobello Place.

What do you think of these?  Do you think they look like graffiti?
*PR sample

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  1. I like the look of these, I agree Camden Lock gives the better than the other :)

  2. Lucky you for having these, they look pretty much like indie polishes.

    1. I agree - great to see Nails Inc making something so different and fun

  3. Fab review!!! They look amazing :))xxx


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