8 Oct 2012

Neom real luxury candle and mini bath oils review

Neom is a brand I've been lusting after for a little while - their candles pop up on blogs and instagram all the time.  The fragrances sound lush and the packaging looks luxe - the only thing not to like is possibly the price.  A large Neom three wick candle (380g) costs nearly £40 and that's a fair bit to splash out on a candle I've never even whiffed in real life before.  So I held back from purchasing, but still lusting after these beautiful candles, until I spotted a sampler set with a travel sized candle and five mini bath oils for a very tempting price.

Neom Real Luxury travel candle and 5 mini bath oils | £16.96 | QVC

For only a few pounds more than the regular selling price of a single travel candle I got a beautiful Real Luxury candle and five different fragranced mini bath oils.

I wouldn't say I regret being cautious and not ordering from Neom sooner, but if I had I wouldn't have been disappointed.  The candle burns so cleanly and evenly and the smell is just gorgeous and fills the whole house.  Neom organic candles are made with natural products, which is why they don't produce those black soot marks on the glass, and essential oils which means the scent is much stronger.

I've tried two of the bath oils so far and really enjoyed them.  They make bath time feel like a luxury and the oil in the water leaves your skin feeling really moisturised too.

I'm really pleased I gave these a go and I think I'm going to add one of the full size candles to my Christmas wish list.

Have you tried Neom? Do you think their candles are worth the money?



  1. I am in love with NEOM candles, they are definitely pricey but they're so perfect that I think it's worthy of that kind of price tag. I'm definitely going to be purchasing a few as gifts this Christmas!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  2. What a lovely gift! Thanks for the heads up on this perfet set x

  3. Lovely gift to yourself i mean ;-)

  4. I love NEOM too and am yet to try out their bath oils. You have to try out their body creams or body oils yet, they're so lush!


  5. I love the Neom candles but weep at the price...

  6. I love Neom candles so much:)!


  7. I haven't tried Neom yet as I have been trying to jusitfy the price, but this is an excellent blog post, thank you! I'm definitely going to try the sampler set and hopefully fall in love with the products so I can go an buy full size :)


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