17 Oct 2012

New winter boots from Dune at TK Maxx

Autumn has just arrived but already it feels rather like winter.  The boy and I went out for dinner and a trip to the cinema the other night to see Taken 2 and it felt absolutely freezing in the wind.  I'd better hurry up and find a nice warm winter coat I like because my jackets aren't cutting it, but at least I'm sorted  for warm feet with these new boots.

*Dune zipped ankle boots | £49.99 | TK Maxx

TK Maxx asked me if I'd like to choose some new boots for winter from their range online, so I picked out these Dune ankle boots.  I thought they would be quite comfy and very practical for cold and rainy weather.  Dune shoes are usually rather pricey - these boots were originally £100 but TK Maxx were selling them for £49.99.  They seem very sturdy and good quality so I expect them to last me a long time.  They have zips on both the inside and outer side of the boots which makes it really easy to tuck in big thick socks, which is a definite bonus for winter!  

I'm actually thinking of getting some little rose gold studs to adorn the back of the boots but I'm not sure - I don't want to get it wrong and mess them up.  We'll see, and if I do stud them I'll share how I get on (unless it turns out really, really badly!).  

TK Maxx pride themselves on always being up to 60% cheaper on everything they sell - I always check them out for discounted beauty products, nail polish and big jar candles.  The boots I got aren't online anymore as the stock changes all the time, but they have lots of other Dune shoes on the site right now and lots of other lovely heels.

Have you picked up any good bargains from TK Maxx lately?
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  1. they look really nice! I love Dune shoes, especially the heels :)
    hareem xx

  2. Replies
    1. Me too - my Mum said she thought they were awful!

  3. I never have much luck with clothing in TK Maxx but I am good at finding Beauty bargains as you may have seen on my blog. These boots look nice :)

    1. Yes, the beauty section there can be amazing sometimes, you never know what you'll find!

  4. These boots are soo pretty & definitely versatile!



  5. These are lovely and look so comfy. I look forward to seeing the studding if you brave it! x

    1. I think I'm chickening out - they've become my go to everyday boots so I'm too scared of ruining them! xx


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