10 Oct 2012

Ojon rare blend oil review

There are a lot of hair oils on the market right now and I've tried a few, but none are as beautiful to look at as Ojon's rare blend oil.  I have to admit it's kinda fun to play with too, and I can't resist jiggling it about and watching the colours mix each time I use it.

(I managed to take these photos without realising I had the product positioned with the French side showing. Oops.) 

*Ojon rare blend oil | £29 | Ojon

The Ojon rare blend oil has more than just looks going for it - Cosmopolitan has even been touting it as the new BB cream for hair because it targets so many common hair issues.  It's designed to nourish and transform dull, dry and damaged hair to make it glossier, shinier, softer and silkier.  

What seems to set it apart from similar products out there is the amazing blend of seven different oils.  When you shake the bottle the oils combine and you only need a little drop of this lush sweet smelling potion.  I've tried using it on wet and dry hair.  On wet hair I've noticed my dry ends are less straw-like when my hair has dried.  On dry hair I like to use it before straightening and it makes my hair really sleek.  I do take care to keep it away from my roots though, as I don't like to chance looking greasy.  On the ends and mid-lengths though it's perfect - I just have to keep reminding myself that a little goes a long way as I always tend to pour out a bit too much!

If you feel like having a nosey at the Ojon ranges and will be in Bluewater this Friday (12 October), it's the perfect time to pop along to the Ojon counter at Boots.  One of the Ojon hair stylists Michele Riccio is going to be at the counter giving fabulous hair styling tip and consultations.  Get there early or expect to queue I reckon!  

Which is the best hair oil you've tried?
*PR sample



  1. ooo that looks lovely. i have recently discovered hair oils and they are fab xx

  2. I tend to stick with Morroccan Oil but I'm running out and looking for something else and since I've heard such amazing things about Ojon it might be time for me to try this :)



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  4. Ooh I like the look of this, might invest to try it out :)

    Danielle xx


  5. I am interested in trying this out. I have also used Morroccan oil and I fell in love with it. It leaves my hair revitalize. But I am not the type of person who would stick to one product for I want different alternatives so I will be trying this one because I want to see how it works.


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