5 Oct 2012

Origins Make A Difference Plus + rejuvenating treatment

I don't mean to sound like I'm showing off or anything, but being a blogger can be great.  I often get to try out new and exciting products and that's just amazing.  But you know what's not so great? Not being allowed to share them right away!  I've been itching to tell you about the moisturiser that's totally changed my night time routine, but I was asked to wait until it hits the counters, and the day has finally come.  Meet the Origins Make A Difference Plus + rejuvenating treatment

*Origins Make A Difference Plus + rejuvenating treatment | £33 | Origins | John Lewis

I'd previously read rave reviews of the older version of the Make A Difference rejuvenating treatment (the previous one didn't have Plus + in the name) so I knew this was going to be something special as it's the new and improved version.

Origins say:  this rejuvenating treatment is fortified with Rose of Jericho, Lychee and Watermelon hydra-sustain complex which quenches deep to help add moisture to dry, dehydrated skin.  It instantly boosts skin’s moisture to help keep it hydrated and rejuvenated all day.

I used to suffer with seriously oily skin which has luckily calmed down in recent years, but I now have dry and oily patches which makes it difficult to find the right products which hydrate without over-greasing my skin.  This treatment just suits my skin so so well - I've been using it as a night time moisturiser and it leaves my skin feeling plumped up, hydrated and generally just right.  As soon as you touch it you know it's not a regular moisturiser - it looks like a cream but it feels a bit more like a gel and it applies really easily and feels cooling on the skin.

I decanted some of this into a little pot to take onto the plane with me when I went on holiday a few weeks ago (killer 10.5 hour flight!).  I took all my make-up off and then applied this every couple of hours or so and my skin didn't get dried out at all because I'd been using this in-flight - it actually looked pretty fresh.  I really noticed the difference when I didn't use it on the flight back (due to trying to sleep and having an elbow in my face for most of the flight) and was feeling like a rough old mess going though passport control.

I've been using a whole range of new products at night lately, including this one, and the combination is starting to gradually improve the appearance of my skin, which obviously I'm delighted about.  I'll do a post on the whole routine soon.  

Have you tried Origins skin care?
*PR sample


  1. This sounds amazing! I'd love to try some Origins products, they always get such wonderful reviews! xo

  2. Looking forward to reading the post on the whole routine. I think this looks excellent though!



  3. i must buy this asap! i went to an origins counter in boots the other day looking for one of their night creams & the sales assistant couldn't have been less helpful so thank you for this review xx

  4. I've been using Origins since I was 15 (some time ago) and the brand has stood the test of time and long outlasted many of its rivals. Night a mins is a fabulous night cream and their ginger range is yum. They have a lovely warming face mask but the piece-de-resistance is the Make a Difference microdermabrasion. I first tried it when it was launched and it is wonderful - you pat on the thick, sticky cream then wet hands and lather it in - the rice microparticles left my skin as smooth as a little baby's bottom. You must try it :-)

  5. I'd love to try Origins, everything they so sounds amazing! Xo

  6. Oh I've been reading a couple great reviews on this today, I usually love origins so this has got me really intrigued!! :D x

  7. I tried a sample of this and instantly loved it. You're right, it does feel like a gel but it gives such a smooth texture to my skin. I've been using Steam Cream but a may have to get this and mix it up of the weeks. :) x

  8. This sounds great, I would love to try this. Think I will sample it in-store :) xx


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