12 Oct 2012

Pearl Drops and Arm & Hammer whitening toothpastes, mouthwash and Beauty Sleep review

Stained teeth drive me mad.  I want that bright white and super cheesy Simon Cowell grin (no really I do) and even though I know it's all laser whitening and veneer fakery, I still beat myself up about having less than perfect white teeth.  So many times now I've toyed with the idea of laser whitening - I even got as far as saving up the money, booking the appointment and buying a fridge full of white food (you can only eat white food for 24 hours after the treatment).  But, call it fate or whatever, I got a tummy bug and literally couldn't stop throwing up long enough to go to the appointment (sorry TMI).  I think I was secretly relieved - I was a bit scared of the procedure to be honest, not only because I have a really bad gag reflex and having to lay there while things are poked about in my mouth, but also because I'd read laser whitening can make your teeth painfully sensitive.  Not long after I was offered the chance to try out some at home whitening gear from Pearl Drops and Arm & Hammer and I received a whole box full of stain fighting goodies.

*Pearl Drops whitening mouthwash | £3.99 | Superdrug (although I can't find it online)
*Arm & Hammer Advance White Max Booster | £3.99 | Boots
*Pearl Drops Instant Beauty | £3.99 | Boots (although I can't find it online)
*Pearl Drops Tea & Coffee | Boots | £3.99

My favourite products of the ones I tried were the Pearl Drops Instant Beauty which is the pink toothpaste you can see above, and the Arm & Hammer Advance White Max Booster which is the blue speckly one on top.  As you can see I've been using these two together as the Max Booster is designed to be used as well as another toothpaste to 'boost' the results.  

There's nothing not to like about a pink toothpaste.  It cheers me up every time I use it and it puts my boyfriend off pinching it too.  I can't say I remember to use the booster every time I brush, but I do try to.  The combo works well together and leaves my teeth feeling really clean.  

The Instant Beauty toothpaste promises whiter teeth in a week, but I guess you're only going to get that if you weren't already using a whitening toothpaste before.  I only ever buy whitening and sensitive whitening toothpastes, so I don't think I was starting off with a level enough playing field to see amazing results.  

I've also enjoyed using the Pearl Drops mouth whitening mouthwash as an extra line of attack.  I don't generally buy mouthwashes that often, so it was good to try one out again and it made me feel like I was giving my teeth maximum protection against plaque and all those nasties.  

I haven't gotten around to trying the Pearl Drops Tea & Coffee yet but I'll move onto it as soon as I run out of my pretty pink toothpaste.

*Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep | £3.49 | Boots

While I was in the middle of trying out all of these goodies I was also sent Pearl Drops' latest product - Beauty Sleep.  This product is a whitening serum you put on your teeth at night and leave on until the morning.  I've tried teeth whitening strips in the past, both the ones you leave on for an hour and the ones you leave on all night, and I just couldn't keep them in my mouth.  I was just really aware that they were there and it felt like they were making my mouth fill with saliva and I just had to take them off and rinse my mouth out.  With beauty sleep you just need to rub a tiny amount of the gel on your teeth and that's it - you don't have to put any strips or trays in your mouth, so it's perfect for me.  

The serum is clear and goes onto the teeth really easily with a swipe around of your finger.  It has a really nice minty taste too - strong but not too overpowering and it doesn't sting at all.  I'd forget that I'd put it on if it wasn't for the super fresh feeling it leaves in my mouth for ages afterwards.  

I'm hoping I might see a little extra whiteness from this product over time, but even if it can't get my teeth any whiter than I've achieved already with the toothpastes, it's still really good or my teeth as it helps to restore enamel and nourishes the gums.  I'll definitely buy another of these when I run out - I think it's such a bargain for £3.49 compared to some overnight whitening products you can buy.

Have you ever had laser whitening or do you reply on products you can use at home too?
*PR samples  



  1. I've always been tempted to get my teeth whitened but like you been afraid of the sensitivity it may cause! I've tried 2 at home whitening kits, one from Superdrug and one from Boots and I was actually pretty pleased with the results. The Boots (own brand) kit was really good. For only about £12 I could actually see a difference. I would defo recommend it :)



  2. Ooh I think I'll pick up some of the Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep to try! Plus the pink toothpaste looks pretty good!xx

  3. I'm obsessed with white teeth too! Not scarily white, just naturally white. I've used so many whitening toothpastes and gums but nothing ever seems to work :( I'll have to try some of these! xo.

  4. I'd love to have really white teeth, I've tried pearl drops before and saw results but maybe I should try a product mix like this, I especially like the look of the beauty sleep serum, seems much easier to cope with than strips x

  5. Oh wow! I have always been hunting for tooth whiteners esp in a toothpaste as I get a bit scared by dental stuff! This looks great, thanks for the great review. I've never heard of the serum at all, definitely new to me, and I've never tried them together like that. Inspired.

    Definitely have to try and find this so I can try!



  6. I really want properly white teeth as well! Don't think I'd be brave enough for the laser whitening though so I might try out some of these products instead! xx

  7. I love whitening products but I just don't think any of them work particularly welL!



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