13 Oct 2012

USA drugstore and Sephora makeup and nail polish haul!

I've been back from my holiday a month already and I can't believe I still haven't shown you the best bits I hauled yet.  I got some Converse, American sweeties, jewellery and some clothes, but I know what you really want to see is the makeup and the nail polish, so here we go.  

I had a bit of a list in my head of things I wanted to get (and actual lists from my friends of things they wanted me to pick up!) but the shopping wasn't as easy as I expected.  In Vegas some of the drugstores were smaller than I expected, so they didn't always stock all of the ranges I was looking for.  Also a common disappointment with Sephora, which I've also always come up against in Florida too, is that they don't stock half of the stuff you can buy on their website :( But anyway, I still managed to haul plenty of things I wanted.  

First from Sephora I got the Ciate velvet manicure - I love the navy shade and really need to get around to trying this now Autumn / Winter has set in.  I was in two minds whether to buy this or not as it's sort of pricey, but when I saw it in the store I really wanted it.  Something not on my planned list was the L'Oreal false fibre lashes kit which is a mascara and eye liner duo which I spotted in Target.  Also in Target I got the Sally Hansen triple strong nail treatment which I had been planning to pick up as I don't think you can get it in the UK.  

You can also see I have a collection of Ardell cluster lashes and glue I picked up at Target.  I had semi-permanent lashes done before I went on holiday and they didn't go well, so these really saved me (more about that in another post).  I'd never tried single / cluster false lashes before and I thought these were pretty good, so I bought some more to bring home with me as I didn't know if we could get them here or not.  It turns out they do sell them in Boots, but I think I got them slightly cheaper in the US, as you do with most things.

Moving to the second row of products there are some eyelash curlers I picked up at Sephora mainly because I thought the colour was so pretty.  I restricted myself on the Revlon lip butters and just bitten kissables as we can get these at home, so I tried to go for shades we don't have here, but ended up buying Honey Just Bitten Kissable anyway because I liked it.  In the lip butter I got Creamsicle which I knew we didn't get at home as I'd been lusting after it before the lip butters even came out in the UK and was then gutted that we wouldn't get that one.  If you're desperate for a Creamsicle lip butter like me, you can get one here for less than £6 (incl postage).

I also got a Maybelline volume express mega plush mascara for the same reason I got the eye lashes - because I thought I was going to have these wonderful long lasting fluttery false lashes I actually didn't take any mascara on holiday with me!  I don't think we get this one in the UK yet but we probably will soon - it's actually a really great mascara and it's going to be popping up in my favourites soon.

You can also see some little Hello Kitty tweezers and a nail file I bought - probably not the best quality tweezers ever, but really cute.  And next to that, what everyone buys when they go to the US - a Tarte Amazonian clay blush.  I bought the shade blissful and it's a beautiful pinky coral shade.  I'm sure I'll do some swatches of it soon.  I also got the Maybelline baby lips just because every US haul I see seems to include one - sheep! 

Finally a couple of Too Faced products I'd had on my wish list - the Better than false lashes mascara and 3 way lash lining tool.  I'll do reviews on these soon.

Onto the nail polish now - I may have gone a little crazy, but I do love nail polish and these were all cheaper than in the UK so that's my justification!  

In the top left there are some bright Essies which left to right are Splash of Grenadine, Tart Deco, Play Date, Turquoise and Caicos and Watermelon.  I've already worn all of these so you can see swatches below.  I included Watermelon by mistake here as I didn't buy that on holiday - it was from a Peckham nail raid just before my holiday which I also need to blog about.  

Going round clockwise I got the two missing polishes from my Nails Inc Nail Jewellery and Sprinkles collections - Pudding Lane and Royal Arcade.  Next some very sparkly glitters I got in Forever21 which we sadly don't get here.  They were so cheap too - $2.80 each!

Next a polish that's been on my wish list for so long it's ridiculous - Revlon Whimsical.  I need to do a NOTD with this to show you how pretty it is, and when I do, I'll also be giving a bottle away as I picked up an extra, so watch out for that.  And at the bottom another polish which deserves its own NOTD - Orly watch it glitter from the Flash Glam collection.

And lastly along the bottom left the rest of my Essie haul - Stroke of Brilliance, Smooth Sailing, Miss Fancy Pants and Raspberry.  If that has you craving a little Essie haul of your own, they're currently on 3 for 2 at Boots!

And here are those bright Essie swatches I mentioned.

Any of you guys reading from the US, you're so lucky to have such fab products so easily accessible!  Let me know if I missed any 'must haves' from my haul - my Brother is going to the US in December, so I can request some more stuff as Christmas presents :)



  1. Wow you got some amazing products! I really am so jel of american's with all the fab stuff they have at their fingertips!
    Those Essie swatches are sooo pretty. I've never actually tried an Essie polish but I think it's time I got on that.



    1. Essies are lovely but rather addictive. I didn't have any up until about 6 weeks ago and now I have about 15 and plenty more on my wish list! xx

  2. Oooh those Essie polishes are GORGEOUS! I'm into my autumn/winter colours now, but if I were you I don't think I could wait to wear those :)
    Sara @ BelfastBeautyLove xx

    1. I know me too - I wore these just after getting back from holiday in the last days of sunshine!

  3. Rather jealous of this haul to say the least! It is probably really bad but one of the main reasons I would like a trip to the US is so I can do a makeup haul... :/ I also really want to see all the art galleries in NY so I guess it isn't all bad haha. xo

    1. The shopping there is amazing so I don't blame you! You could always do a swap with a US blogger - I did one once and we swapped loads of fab stuff we couldn't get in our own countries :)

  4. Wowzer- you got some seriously amazing bits and bobs! Loving the colourful Essie polishes! Sorry tohear about your lashes though, what a nightmare! xx

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    1. Thanks hun - it wasn't too bad - I just had to get on with it really! xx

  5. :O essie's stroke of brilliance looks so nice! need to go find that polish

    1. Can you believe I haven't tried it yet?! It looks lovely in the bottle though!


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