1 Oct 2012

What's in my basket: Matalan Autumn 2012

I have wish list shopping baskets going on all over the place at the moment as there are just so many gaps I seem to have in my Autumn wardrobe and so much new season stuff I like.  Plus, I love Autumn and Winter clothes - I almost stop buying clothes in Summer unless it's something I need for holiday.  Perhaps if I was a skinny hot-pant wearing minny I'd like Summer clothes more.  Anyway, I have virtual baskets brimming with wonderfulness at asos, Topshop, River Island and H&M, but the one I've decided to checkout first is surprisingly Matalan and it's all because of this beauty of a bag which I saw at the Matalan press day.

At the press day I also got a preview of a lovely horse studded clutch and some very sparkly shoes, but I've not seen these appearing online yet.  

So here's what I'm ordering - 

Obviously I'm getting the rose gold bag.  I've also picked out a navy sequin top.  I'm obsessed with navy and I'm a bit of a magpie too - this will be lovely with a navy blazer and jeans.  I popped a fishtail top in the basket too.  I've not worn this style of top before and I'm not sure if it'll be too shapeless on me, but I'll try it and find out.  I'm also picking up some black and gold toe cap shoes.  I looked for these in Primark because I thought they did them, but I only came away with a beige pair, so I was pleased to see Matalan had an equally cheap pair in black.  I love a peplum so I had to order this top even though I'm not 100% on the snake-ness.  We shall see.  Finally I threw in a few things after a browse of the homeware.  Lately I've decided I hate having mismatched serving bowls and dishes for when I have people round, so I'm starting to replace things with plain white.  These were so reasonable, just not sure how big they will be as the site doesn't reveal this key info.

I also really liked this jacket, but it was sold out.  I was thinking about putting some studs on it myself as I really prefer the shape of this jacket to others I've seen.  May need to keep stalking for this one.  

So that's what I picked up from Matalan.  I still have so many things on my Autumnal shopping list though - I want a big chunky cardigan, some nice new black heels and a coat at the very least, so the online window shopping and basket hovering must continue.  

Which shops are you liking for your Autumn stuff this year?


  1. You picked some great stuff, I just love shopping at Matalan. In fact, I just received a parcel from them too!

  2. I think Matalan is so amazing at the moment! I've been eyeing up those toe cap heels myself. Really chic and so cute. Love the choices! :)



  3. Oh Matalan,

    I can't resist. You got some gorgeous goodies x

  4. I need that horse clutch in my life. I really like Matalan, but the one next to where I live is rubbish which is a shame because I never normally order online because sometimes I find their sizes are a little unpredictable.

  5. Wow some amazing Matalan finds I love that jacket too xx

  6. Those sparkly shoes look amazing. Can't wait for them to arrive on the website!

    Ria x

  7. The bag has just made me drool a little! So gorgeous, and a different more glam take on the stud trend!Love it!

    Rachel from www.whatabeauty.co.uk x

    1. I reckon get it now, surely it'll be a sell-out!

  8. Love your picks; the bag is gorgeous! Shame the jacket is sold out, it is such a lovely cut! Xo

  9. Has anyone seen the sparkly shoes online or in store yet? I LOVE them.


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