21 Nov 2012

Battling winter cold sores with Cymex

Is it just me or does everyone suffer more with cold sores in the winter?  Up until a few years ago I'd been lucky enough not to get any cold sores and then once I got my first one they kept coming back every winter. I think they're sometimes connected to stress too and I often get one in the run up to Christmas when I'm busy at work as well as running around the shops trying to get everything done.

This year I'm well prepared as I've been sent two cold sore creams from Cymex to try out.  Come at me cold sores, I'm ready!

*Cymex cream for cold sores | £2.79 | Boots
*Cymex ultra 5% cream | £2.99 | Co-operative pharmacy

When I received these I was just at the tail end of a cold sore that was taking its time to budge, so I tried the cream in the yellow packaging until the cold sore was gone.  It helped heal my dry cracked lips that I always get when I have a cold sore too.  

If I'm unlucky enough to get another cold sore this side of Christmas I'll be keen to see how the Ultra 5% cream does at tackling the problem and whether it can clear up the cold sore in 5 days.  I usually miss trying the creams at the 'tingle' stage because I don't get to the chemist in time so it'll be great to have this on hand to try to reduce the amount of time I have to have unhappy scabby lips!

Do you suffer with cold sores too?  Do you have any tips for battling them?
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  1. I don't suffer from them but my sister does and she hates them especially in the winter, so I shall have to let her know about this xx

    1. Make sure you don't catch one from her - once you get one you'll always have them apparently! xx

  2. I feel your pain! I've had them ever since my teens, every winter, maybe even twice and sometimes in the spring when the weather changes. It is a bit pricy but I would actually recommend Boots cold sore machine. It works really well as reducing the time it takes for the cold sore to clear up. x

    1. I've never heard of that - thanks hun I'll check it out xx

  3. You don't have to worry about winter. Treatment is on hand :)


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