16 Nov 2012

Bioré deep cleansing pore strips review

Usually when I review a product on my blog, it's something new to me that I'm trying out for the first to see how it works.  So it's odd, but also really nice, to be sent a product that I've known and used for years.  I must have been about 15 when I first remember becoming aware of Bioré in the shops - it was back when blackhead cleansing nose strips were a completely new thing, and probably the first product I'd ever tried which actually got rid of nasty blackheads.

*Bioré deep cleansing pore strips | £10.99 | Boots

The basic idea of these strips hasn't changed over the years - you wet your skin and then stick the strip down and wait a while for it to set kind of hard.  Then comes the fun part - whipping it off and seeing what you caught!  Is it wrong that I love to scrutinise what just came out of my pores?  

These strips work for me just as well as when I first tried them, and now Bioré have introduced different sized strips too.  In this combination kit I got 7 nose shaped strips and 7 larger ones for other areas of the face, because blackheads aren't fussy about where they want to take root.  

It's great to be able to recommend these as something that I've used for years and I can vouch that they 100% work and do what they say on the box.  

Have you tried Bioré before?  You study what you caught on your strip too, right?!
*PR sample

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  1. haha, I've been using these for years and every time I take a good look and what's come out x

  2. I've tried every pore strip but Biore - they are next on my list! And I LOVE to scrutinise the results - it's a guilty pleasure! Xo

    1. I honestly think the Bioré ones are the best - I hope you like them xx


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