6 Nov 2012

Elegant Touch UV gel nails and Envy Wraps Bling nails wraps review

A week or two ago I got to have a browse of all of the new ranges of nails and nail wraps from Elegant Touch.  Although I have fairly long nails, I do envy the glossy and perfect finish people get from their falsies, so I was excited to try my first pack of Elegant Touch's UV gel coat nails.  

*Elegant Touch UV gel nails in mink | £6.95 | Boots

That last pic looks slightly blurry because the nails are so shiny!  Because I can grow my own nails I don't usually use press-on nails or have acrylics done, but I do really envy that shine and also the really straight and square shape that I can't achieve naturally.  I tried out the short version of the nails, which are still fairly long, although I did need to file my own thumb nail slightly so that it didn't peek over the edge!  I really like the colour of these nails, and did I mention that fabulous shine?

The nails were so easy to use and took a lot less time than it would for me to paint my nails.  The adhesive tabs say that they are designed to be super-strong, and on most of my nails they were, but I did have the nails on my index fingers ping off a couple of times as those must be the ones I use the most.  I'm quite heavy handed with my nails - I heard a saying once that you should treat your nails like "jewels not tools" - I can't help using mine as tools, so I expected a few casualties.  Luckily it was easy enough just to stick the nail back on with another sticky tab.  I checked with Elegant Touch on twitter and they let me know that you can use nail glue with these falsies, so I think that's what I'll do next time so that they stay on whatever I'm up to. 

As well as the nails I also got to try out some of Elegant Touch's new nail wraps which are called Envy Wraps and Envy Wraps Bling - as you might guess, those ones have added bling attached to the wraps! 

*Elegant Touch Envy Wraps | £5.49 | Superdrug

How gorgeous is that accent nail?  I really love the combination with the peachy pink polish but I have to confess, I copied this look from one of the PR girls at the Elegant Touch event.  She was wearing the same nail wraps with a peachy polish and it looked fab so I stole her style :) 

I've tried lots of nail wraps with varying degrees of success, and I found these ones to be really good quality. I've had some wraps before that were cut in such a way that literally none of them fit any of my nails and I've also tried wraps with embellishments that fell off whilst I was trying to apply them!  I had neither of those issues with the Elegant Touch wraps.  

I'm a bit (lot) of a perfectionist when it comes to nails - I can't stand it when I get polish on my cuticles - so I have to get nail wraps perfect too or I won't keep them on.  I think you'll agree this one looks pretty much spot on - you possibly wouldn't know it was a wrap.  The trick to this is picking one that's slightly smaller than you think you'll need - I think most people do the opposite and end up with the wrap overlapping their natural nail edge and it can look a bit messy.  Also, the better the fit the longer the wrap will last as there are no flappy edges to be catching and peeling up.  

I added some topcoat over the top of my nail wraps - my peach polish has already chipped but the wraps look set to last a few more days yet.  I would definitely buy these wraps and will probably try out some of the other bling wraps versions as they have some more really pretty ones.

Lastly I just have to give a mention to the most amazing nails I saw at the event - how super-shiny and silver spaceman are these nails?  The colour is called molten silver and I think I need to get my hands on them (or get them on my hands?) for the party season.  I always want a finish like this from metallic silver nail polishes but you just can't achieve that proper mirror look that these babies give.  They also come in gold.
Elegant Touch Metallic nails | £5.25 | Superdrug

Do you wear false nails?  Have you got the hang of applying nail wraps?
*PR samples

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  1. I do like to wear falsies if my nails are looking a bit shabby and I want to jazz them up if I am going to a party or a do. I love the Elegant Metallics. Not tried the nail wraps yet but did get some nice ones the other day from Sally Beauty. x

  2. I love the 'mink' coloured nails! they look so natural :)



  3. All these look amazing! I keep meaning to try some falsies out. Great recommendations!

    Adele xx


  4. How exciting is that nail wrap? Love the peach / silver combo xx

  5. Really pretty nails. I don't like how falsies feel, but I like how they look.

  6. What is the name of the peachy polish you are wearing?


    1. I'm sorry I can't remember, but I think it was Nails Inc

  7. It looks really good.



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