11 Nov 2012

Little updates

A very food-filled little updates today, with a sprinkling of nails as usual.  My instagram feed is so predictable, but I like it.  I've seen a lot of talk of 'instagram clichés' lately but I don't care, I'll always be snapping pics of my food.  I'm instagram obsessed, it's the first thing I check when I wake up in the morning - it helps me deal with the dread of getting out of bed!

Bonfire night chic by fluttersparkle Such a crazy, massive, beautiful display - and it\'s free! #blackheath by fluttersparkle
Red cup action by fluttersparkle Panda glubs :) by fluttersparkle

1 - keeping warm and looking daft | 2 - fireworks at Blackheath
3 - my first red cup of the season | 4 - Panda gloves from Primark

Wanted to buy these China Glaze beauties today but it turns out Santa already has them in his sack for me =) by fluttersparkle Stuck at work but at least my nails look nice! by fluttersparkle
Pretty nails with @ElegantTouchUK envy wraps bling as an accent nail by fluttersparkle My @ElegantTouchUK nail wraps are still going strong - I\'ve had to repaint my other nails for the third time but the wrap is still perfect! This time I\'ve paired it with Essie Raspberry. #nails #nailpolish by fluttersparkle
A productive night! by fluttersparkle Nail art night goodness by fluttersparkle 

1 - gorgeous China Glaze holiday collection | 2 - Wearing Orly watch it glitter again
3 - Loving my Elegant Touch nails wraps | 4 - Wrap still in tact 6 days later
5 - nail art experiments | 6 - a whole lot of glitter polish to play with

I like salt, I like chocolate, I like this #nom by fluttersparkle Instead I\'m having this after finally tracking it down :) by fluttersparkle
Oooh tasty, thanks @louisestallardsmith! by fluttersparkle Sent my boyf out for milk and he came back with this for me. It\'s like all my dreams just came true! (and he got the milk) =D by fluttersparkle

1 - Lindt sea salt milk choc is awesome | 2 - Oreo milk choc is also awesome
3 - new Crispello thingie | 4 - the first choc orange of many this Christmas

Mmm Autumn comfort food by fluttersparkle Rudolph raspberry and cranberry :) by fluttersparkle
Chinese is happening with @fluffypinkystar and @zaravgreen by fluttersparkle Om nom nom by fluttersparkle

1 - one of my fave dinners for Autumn | 2 - reindeer juice at M&S
3 - Chinese nomness | 4 - my Mum had never tried a macaroon so I got her these

So a quick low-down on all things fluttery and sparkly over the last week or two
  • Don't forget to enter my giveaway with Ted Baker - it ends tomorrow - enter here
  • See my top candle gifts for giving this Christmas here 
  • Bake an amazing Nutella cheesecake by following the recipe here 
  • Read up on my top tips for beauty bloggers working with PRs here

And lastly a few fabulous blogs to follow - glitter tips, le beauty girl and Holly Arabella

Have a lovely weekend x

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  1. Ooh the design on your thumb is gorgeous for Christmas! Would love to see a NOTD/How-to for it :D

    PS. Love the hat, I have a similar one in burgundy and there is nothing wrong with pom-poms ;)

    Mollie xo

  2. dairy milk oreo is sooo yum, have you tried the popcorn one.. that's amazing!! As for cliches, if I didn't look at peoples instagram posts of food I'd have never discover these dairy milk delights!!! xx

    1. No but it's next on my must find list! You're right, without instagram how would we know what new fun food is in the shops?!

  3. Look at all those lovely nails! Thank you so much for the mention at the end, was a lovely surprise! :-) x

    1. Your nails are always fabulous and your nail art inspires me so much xx

  4. Orly's Watch It Glitter Again is gorgeous, if I hadn't bought way too many nail varnishes lately I'd be looking online to buy it! Really cute post :) x

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

    1. Thank you :) watch it glitter is lovely - I don't mean to encourage your spending but it's my favourite polish right now!

  5. I'm obsessed with Instagram too! Love the gloves :-) xx

  6. Yum, yum, yum! I too am a Instagram cliche but don't care! Xx

  7. I love the hat! :) Oh and you gotta love Blackheath fireworks - not bad for free :)

    Oreo chocolate...YUM! :) xx

    PS...I'm an instagram-oholic too :)


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