12 Nov 2012

Nail art night with the girls - 2!

I think it's going to become a bit of a regular thing now that two of my besties and I grab all our best glitter polishes and a takeaway for a night of nail art and gossiping.  I showed you what went down on our first nail art night here so I thought I'd share a few snaps from the re-match.  Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera with me, so I could only take a few iphone snaps.  Also we spent a bit too long gossiping and eating and left the nail art a bit late, so possibly not as much effort went into these as the last time!

Laying out the stash

My nails - I went for metallic polka dot, leopard, tribal, gemstones and glitter gradient

Heather's nails - an assortment of sparkles and a coordinating leopard

Zara's nails - leopard and glitter peach and turquoise prettiness 

I didn't realise until now that we'd all done some glitter and leopard.  I think we need to be more adventurous next time.  

Another reason that we didn't have so much time for doing the actual nail painting was because we invented the most fun game ever.  It's called NOTD top trumps.  Basically, if you're like me and my friends, most of the photos you've 'liked' on instagram will be of nail art and NOTDs (nail of the days).  So what you do is you all look up the photos you've liked, choose one and then all reveal to the group at the same time and decide who has shown the best nails.  We thought we were rolf-lol doing this :) 

What should we try on our next nail art night (other than another round of NOTD top trumps!)?  

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  1. Sounds like a fun night! Love all the nails and NOTD top trumps sounds like an excellent game! x

    1. Thanks - some of your nails were displayed during top trumps - I cheated and looked up your blog on my phone! :)

  2. Wow, you have a lot of nail polishes! Looks like a funfilled night :)



  3. WOW your collection is massive! I dare you to calculate how much youve spent on nail polish :P ! xxxx

    1. Oh no, I think the number would make me feel sick!

  4. That actually sounds like a fun night. Wish I could convince my friends to do this. :)

    1. Mine took some persuading but now we love it!

  5. What a fantastic time with your besties. And you guys are so creative with your nails too.
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  7. Love these types of posts :) you always manage to do such lovely nail art :)


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