14 Nov 2012

November 2012 Winter / Christmas Primark haul

So yes, I've been hitting up Primark again and I have rather a massive haul to share.  In my defense, they have a lot of lovely new seasonal stuff in at the moment and I just couldn't resist :)

Super cute owl cushion £6

Black patent heels £12

Gold studded black clutch bag £6

Faux suede berry wedge boots £20

Pearly and gold fleck furry scarf (£6), gloves (£4) and ear muffs (£3)

Possibly crappy but I thought I'd give them a go - eye gems and stick on liner £1 each

That fairisle print duvet cover £20 (king) - this is pricey for a Pri duvet cover, but it's really thick and snuggly

Coordinating bottom sheet in heart print £10 (king) - don;t be fooled by the packet picture like me  and think that this includes bottom pillow cases.  It doesn't, and I need to go back and get them.  

Oooooh new sheets!

The owl cushion and my bed modelling the new duvet set

Snowflake bootie slippers £4

Fox socks!  Or fox slipper socks £4

Floral phone cover £2

Black dress with gold Peter Pan collar and sleeves £20

Black chiffon and sequin dress £17

Black cardigan with gold spiked shoulder detail £14

Pale pink cardigan with pearly collar and buttons £11

Hedgehog onesie "beware prickly in the morning" £12

Emerald colour earrings £2.50

Panda fingerless gloves £6

Lots of pretty owl gift bags and wrap, and some floral tissue paper

Owl boot toppers / warmers / covers £4

Christmas candle £2.50

Snowflake fingerless gloves £4

Snowflake pj / lounge bottoms £5

Pearly bling iphone cover £4

Big jewel statement necklace £6

Super thick and furry snowflake print throw £10

And do you know what, there was loads more I wanted that they didn't have, so I'm going back to stalk for it.  There are a few lovely coats and shirts I've seen that are supposed to be coming into Primark soon, so I'm going to try to get my hands on them and I may have a mini Primark haul with those soon.

Have you bought any of these lovely Primark bargains?

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  1. Oh wow, that sheet set and duvet cover is lovely. Annoying that the pillow cases weren't in the "set" though. Ugh.
    I love the patent black heels, must look out for a pair of those! :)

  2. Omg I basically want everything you bought haha! I love that owl cushion and the bedding is gorgeous! Those burgandy wedges and the sequin collar dress are amazing too! And the iphone covers! Great haul can't wait to see your next! XO


  3. Wow amazing haul! Love the sequin dress, the hedgehog onesie and the iPhone covers! I wonder if they have the wedge boots in black, I've been lusting after some recently! The owl Christmas paper is so cute too. Oh sod it I'm off to Primark this weekend!!!xx

  4. My sister has a thing for owls, I picked up some socks for her but I didn't see the cushion, that would make an good Christmas present :)

  5. Wow, you got so many nice things! That Owl cushion is very similar to the Sass and Belle ones, and almost half the price.

    I love the studded clutch bag, I've been hunting for it for ages and it seems to be sold out almost everywhere! I love all the owl themed wrapping stuff.

    Definitely going to check out my local Primark soon!

    Charlotte xo

  6. ooh, me likey! Hitting a decent primark this weekend so looking forward to it xo

  7. This is an amazing haul :) the owl boot toppers are so cute xxx

  8. Ooh the necklace and duvet are gorgeous. I'm deffo off to Primark at the weekend!

  9. I absolutely adore the duvet cover and matching sheet! Very christmassy :)



  10. Wow you picked up some amazing things, I love,love the duet and throw, I need to go to primark ASAP :D

  11. OMG i lvoe everything!!! i especially want the owl cushion!!! SO CUTE!!!


  12. Ahh, looks like we have the same taste! I've got a few of the things in your haul! I saw that duvet and sheet, I really wanted them but they wouldn't go with our colour scheme in our bedroom :-( So pretty though!

  13. Ooooh nice haul! Primark is amazing at the moment I went mental in there last week lol I didnt see the hedgehog onesie though...want!!! And Im still umming and ahhing over getting the blogger bedding hehe :) xxx

  14. Love the boots! I seriously need to hit Primark as soon as I can walk, so many owls! I did get their owl mittens back in the summer, lol x

  15. WOW! I am in love with everything you have bought. The owl cushion is just too cute :)


  16. Lovely haul, I've been eyeing up that necklace!

  17. Wow so many items, but all of them are so nice and very you!
    Love the bedding and the owl boot toppers too cute :)

  18. i love all of it!



  19. I now have a bigger shopping list for when I next go to Primark thanks to you! Lol! Seriously loving the bedding, throw and snowflake slippers! xx

  20. Great Haul love the black cardigan x

  21. They sell the owl cushion in Primark now? I need to get myself there. Great buys. Xx

  22. Awesome haul, i hope Primark still has this cool stuff when i get to the UK in December - i know they sell out super fast!!

  23. Oh dear, I think you've killed my relationship! I basically need all the festive, animal, homey, owl stuff and especially the hedgehog onesie. My bf always says he'd dump me if I bought a onesie but that hedgehod one is adorable!! It has hrdgehog for feet - need it.
    Now I'm going to spend pay day in Primark.

    Steph xx

  24. Ace primark haul!! I have the Emerald earrings and studded clutch and love them.
    Defo made me want to go on a big snoop this weekend!

    Cath x

  25. is the bedding cheaper if you have a single bed?x

  26. *squee!*

    I love the duvet, and the boot toppers, and the berry faux suede boots, and the fox socks, AND...

  27. Does anyone know if you can still get the duvet cover anywhere!? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. I live in the U.S. (California if that makes a difference)

  28. Anyone know where/if I can still get the duvet cover?! I'm DYING to have it! PLEEEASE!!!! I'm from the U.S. if that makes a difference.

  29. By the way, I love sausage dogs too! I have two of them :) Great blog!


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