3 Nov 2012

October beauty favourites and, err, even more favourites!

I don't know what it is when it comes to monthly favourites, I never seem to get around to doing them 'on time' and once you're into the second week of the next month it all just feels a bit too late.  Sometimes I just have too much I want to blog about and unfortunately I don't have the luxury of having time to do more than one post per day :(

This month however, I decided I really do want to share my favourites with you, so I've got myself into gear to show you my October favourites and then we'll also have a quick swiz over what my August and September favourites were as I didn't have chance to post them at the time.  I'll try to keep it brief! :)

October favourites

Mac Craving lipstick | £14 | Debenhams
Revlon just bitten kissable in honey | £7.99 | Boots

I've been switching my makeup to more Autumnal colours and have mainly been reaching for these two soft berry type shades.  I do fancy something quite a bit darker, but the darker the lipstick the tricker the application I find.  I think I might look for another Revlon JBK or a lip butter in a deeper berry shade.

*Eyelure lashes - London calling | £5 | Miss Selfridge
Mavala double lash serum | £9.90 | feel unique
MUA brow kit | £3.50 | MUA store

I'll be posting soon about the Eyelure event I went to and the lovely lashes I've been trying out - this fluttery and winged-out but not to heavy style is my favourite.  One of the reasons I'm loving false lashes at the moment is because my natural lashes were quite badly damaged by some semi-permanent lashes I had done in September, so I've been nursing the back to health with this Mavala product.  At the same time I got HD Brows done and was pleased with that, so I've been trying to keep them in shape and get the same look with MUA's brow palette - I'm really impressed with this considering it's so inexpensive.

Tarte amazonian clay blush in blissful | $25 | ebay (£20.29 incl p&p)
*Collection fix me up setting spray | £5.99 | Boots
*17 miracle matte pressed powder | £3.99  | Boots

I'd wanted a Tarte amazonian clay blush for ages as everyone raves about them.  I finally picked one up on holiday and it's true love.  The fixing spray and matte powder have become my latest combo for making my makeup last and they do a pretty good job.  My main issue now is eyeliner that smudges, so I really need to find a super waterproof one.

Northern Lights polish | £5 | Boots
Orly watch it glitter polish | £7.50 | Beautybay
Barry M gelly polish in pomegranate | £3.99 | Boots

These colours don't necessarily scream Autumn, but they've been my most reached for this month.  I blogged about the Models Own Wonderland collection here, and Northern Lights was my surprise favourite of the five.  Barry M's pomegranate gelly conforms a little better as a Autumn shade - must do a NOTD with it soon - and Orly watch it glitter is just awesome and I can't get enough of it - swatches here.  

Dior J'adore perfume | £49.99 | John Lewis

I always come back to this fragrance.  I guess it's the closest I come to having a signature scent.  It's a bold and fairly strong fragrance and it's lovely to come back to this after having spent the past few months wearing light floral scents.  This one is still floral, but deeper and more woody and citrusy too.  Wow I'm just great at explaining fragances, not.  If you've never sniffed this one, give it a go next time you're at the counter - I feel all grown up and ladylike when I wear it.

So that was October, now for a quick round up of what I meant to show you in August and September.

As a late summer fragrance I was loving Marc Jacobs Dot - I bought it for the bottle but kept it for the fragrance.  My Bumble & Bumble Sunday shampoo took a beating on holiday to really clarify my hair after dunking it in chlorine - nothing leaves my hair squeakier than this shampoo.  I alternated it with *Aussie's Aussome volume shampoo, which like all Aussie shampoos smells ahhhmazing even hours after you've washed and dried your hair.  Between those two is my favourite pomegranate and buttermilk shower gel by N-Spa which seems to have been discontinued.  I wish I'd known, I'd have stocked up on loads before they stopped selling it :( 

To the right we have a couple of my facey faves which were the Neutrogena pink grapefruit scrub - it's pink, it smells great and it's a good facial scrub - full marks from me - and then the *Ginerva marvel gel which I raved about here.     My Victoria's Secret Angel body mist became a firm favourite after I picked it up on holiday in September and goes everywhere with me in my handbag.

Back to the left and onto eye products I wanted to mention the brow products I was using which were the MUA brow pencil in dark brown which is so pigmented and creamy for a budget pencil - it's only £1!  And it works perfectly with my *HD Brows brow beater brow setting gel.  My favourite mascara was the Maybelline Mega Plush which I also picked up while I was away due to all my semi-permanent lashes falling out :(

I'm lazy when it comes to body creams but turned to the Naked 24 hour coco de mer body butter to deal with dry and scaling skin when I got back from holiday and straight into the chilly Autumn weather.  Peeking out just behind is the *Super Facialist oil cleanser which I reviewed here and next to that my most used eyeshadow palette of the last couple of months - MUA's undressed.  

For nails it was all about Essie Watermelon back in late August and early September, I'm now pushing it aside for more Autumnal colours, but I'm sure I'll be back in love with it next year.  I was trying a new nail strengthening base which was recommended to me and seems to have reduced breakage and peeling in my nails - it's the Nailtiques formula 2.

And finally lip balms - I'm still loving this one in October actually and use it all day at work - the Vaseline pink bubbly lip tin - I always use Vaseline lip tins anyway but this one it the prettiest and I just love this flavour.  Just seen on the right is the Apivita pomegranate lip balm which is a great moisturising stick balm with a hint of a berry stain to it.  

So there we go, phew, it feels good to have that done!  In future I think I'm just going to share my favourites with you whenever, who says it has to be the end of the month anyway?

Are any of these your favourites too?
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  1. For berry coloured lip products I would definitely recommend berry smoothie revlon lipbutter, crush revlon balm stain (looks very dark but beautiful if applied with a light hand) and clinique chubby stick in super strawberry. Obviously that's if you don't own any of them already! Loved the post, I like the look of the mac lipstick xx

    1. Thank you for the fab suggestions - I'll check those out xx

  2. Jadore is my signature scent too. I don't wear perfume but if I do it's this one. Xoxo

  3. Haha, you certainly do have a lot of favourites! I love the look of the tarte blush, and the revlon balm stains are definitely on my favourites too XO

  4. Lots of favourites! I love the look of the Northern Lights polish - I am a recent Models Own convert! x


  5. Ahh so many pretty things! I'm loving my Revlon JBKBS in Honey too, it's such a pretty and easy to wear shade. That Orly polish looks amazing <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

    1. I think honey comes out very differently on the lips from the colour the tube led me to imagine, but I really like it too :)

  6. Northern lights is my new favourite models own nail polish! Love it! X


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